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August 5, 2010

In the pursuit of becoming more “green friendly” cities across the country continue to come up with ideas for their citizens to embrace and practice. So imagine my “shock and awe” when a friend gave me a tip about a little event that Chicago is doing next week. A public screening of  Carbon Nation at Millennium Park. With celebrities. With the mayor. With Broadway stars. In the “crown jewel” park of the city.

When I say “little”, my tongue is firmly in my cheek. You want to see a city that knows how to make an event special? Other cities around the country need to look and learn. No, I think the operative word is “field trip” for all. Mayor Daley has the leadership and the know how to make things happen that are good for the residents. Make sure that you read all the way through and at the bottom where it says, WHY: The words you need to notice is “environmental leadership”.

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