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Ahhh, the smell of benzene in the morning…..

August 7, 2010

So workers at a Texas City refinery decided that they had enough of “it” back in the Spring. It seems that the hydrogen compressor at the refinery went offline and for 40 days, the air was filled with pollutants including benzene. Well, that’s what they say. So now, the workers and residents who live within one mile of the refinery are suing the owner, BP for a cool $40 BILLION. Symptoms include, eye issues, sinus, coughing,dizziness, feeling lethargic, all symptoms of benzene exposure.

You ask why are you telling me this? Well, benzene is a by product of the natural gas industry. And if it is not properly monitored and controlled, you have problems. Where there are gas wells, you may have some benzene floating around. How much is too much? Depends on who you ask. Too much benzene causes too much leukemia. So the next time the guy in the suit says to “trust us” , we know what we’re doing, well….

When the TCEQ looked into it, you know they must have “smelled” something, because they tossed that into the lap of the state attorney general’s lap faster than you can say, “hot potato”. It’s his move now.

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