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Watershed down

August 11, 2010

Watershed. What is it? Think of a big ‘ol low bowl/platter of fwater. We live in the middle of that. It’s called the Trinity River Watershed. When you wash your car, take a bath, water your lawn, it eventually runs into the Trinity River. A river that supplies half of the states drinking water.

If you have never been to a city water pump station right after it rains, it’s not pretty. You name it, it shows up there. So we have to ask the natural gas industry, if you want to set up natural gas wells in our watershed, tell us what you do to protect that watershed? When you get that “flowback” from the gas well and it runs on the ground, and then it rains, and then it travels to the Trinity….. well, you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures.Go to google maps. Type in: 8701 West Camp Wisdom Road, Dallas Texas

Take a look. Zoom out the picture. Look at the houses. See Mountain Creek Lake(currently toxic) See Joe Pool Lake. See the connecting branches that connect them both. Look at the north end of Mountain Creek Lake. See the connection to the Trinity River.

Do you see the connection?

So now to the gas industry we ask: What are your plans to protect the Trinity River Watershed?

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