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The Queens decree: Greed is Good! But, for who?

August 28, 2010

That pretty much sums up the attitude of Dallas City Hall when it comes to pursuing the natural gas “dream” of untold riches. Like the world of Alice, what’s up is down, and what’s down is up. The mad tea party of looking for cash to plug all the holes continues. On Friday afternoon, playing the role of a cheshire cat, the Dallas Observer dropped a bombshell of  sorts.

It is reporting that Chief gas company, the one that has been creating havoc in the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania is the newest player to begin exploration for gas before the end of this year.

City of Dallas assistant director of sustainable development David Cossum said that there were five applications in development. That’s odd, we only knew about two of those applications.Please keep in mind, that the city of Dallas via the mayor(he’s number #2) and the city manager(she’s #1) has never “officially” acknowledged in public that the city is working this deal with the gas industry.

Just like the Queen of Hearts court, sub ordinates such as Cossum, Bonnie Meeder from the city hall real estate office, and citycouncil member Dave Neumann are closely watched from on high and allowed to speak, but only in tiny controlled sound bites. Not once will you hear from them, how we fell down this rabbit hole.

We’ve also noticed that the city of Dallas has even started to “make pretty” on it’s web site of gas  exploration. They even have a link to the fantastic looking site: Barnett Shale Energy Education Council. If you go there, you will see that it is a industry sponsored site that will give you the “Disneyesque” story of how gas will only do good for all. “Gas is good”. You can almost hear that low key smooth robotic voice of channeled through Gordon Gekko. Creepy.

So if anyone dares to speak out against the city or “the queen” for that matter, best be warned, you might hear, “off with their head!” It appears, that decree has already been declared.

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