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Hallelujah!Purpose Driven Christians!

August 31, 2010

After reading my favorite cow girl’s website:Bluedaze, I was curious to see what she had posted this past weekend. I had heard that there was something going on just down the road from the Dallas #2 site for gas drilling. I would say it’s about a 30 second drive.

Took a drive out to film some footage of the proposed Dallas site when I had heard that Grand Prairie was doing some well installation just down the road. Sure enough I drive up to the beautiful Westchester Community located at West Camp Wisdom and Carrier Parkway. There behind the big beautiful homes and elementary school lays the new fracking pond. The pond that will hold contaminated, toxic water sits about an alley width behind the homes.

There it sits, the new Chesapeake Natural Gas Well site that will hold 5, count ’em 5 wells. I spoke with one of the residents that did not sign the lease. He and his wife just bought the home about two years ago and is not happy, and frustrated that he has no options. Who’s going to buy a home that sits next to  this? A fracking pond.

But the kicker, the property is owned by the Westchester Church. If you go into the website, look at the DISCOVER page, down on the right hand side,and you will see that they are apparently affiliated with the Purpose Driven Church.

The well itself will sit front and center on West Camp Wisdom Road overlooking the north end of Joe Pool Lake.

Here’s a video of the pond being built:

Bless their little cold hearts,with no building of their own now,The Westchester Church now meets at the United Artists Theater. Now that they have made this “deal”, it is assumed that they don’t need to pass the collection plate anymore.

Who said that a “deal with the devil” would not pay off?  The Westchester Neighborhood Association meets tonight with the city of Grand Prairie. Shall we pray?

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  1. Westchester Neighbor permalink
    August 31, 2010 1:35 pm

    Here’s the information for the City of Grand Prairie’s very first “Gas Drilling Ordinance” Public Meeting.

    Kind of like a little late, doncha think???

    Like Mayor Tillman of Dish, Texas always says, “Once you know, you can’t NOT know.”

    Some people may come tonight and find out what they DON’T know. And then they’ll KNOW.

    Y’all come!

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