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September 10, 2010

Read the application. Click on the BRIGHT BLUE Z090-211(WE) on page 5, #7

Page 2- Is it 14 wells with an additional 9? Don’t forget, one well with one fracking needs about 4 million gallons of water to use along with the unnamed chemicals. They don’t have to tell anyone the chemicals used, it’s the current law enacted back in 2005.4×14=56 million gallons of water. 4×23=92 million gallons of water. The source of the water? Remember to conserve water in Dallas, that’s what the city tells us. That’s the only thing they tell us. They still won’t talk about natural gas exploration.

The location? The old naval air base next to Mt. Creek Lake- toxic. The property-hazardous. Gas drilling on contaminated, toxic property. Is this what we want for Dallas? Time and time again, the city makes decisions without our input, without our knowledge. When did the city call you to ask you about natural gas exploration? And they have the audacity to put an industry based web site link on the city web site to make you feel better. The audacity to have a department called Sustainable Development that handles natural gas exploration. When is the last time industry did your health a favor? When did the city do us all a favor?

Dallas, the next GASLAND?

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