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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

September 14, 2010

Just when you thought you were going to spend an evening at home, fate steps in and takes you in another direction. We attended a meeting coordinated by the city of Dallas and led by XTO/EXXON and residents affected by a proposed gas well adjacent to their homes. If you read the following, it is a diary “highlights” of what happened. In essence, the city of Dallas is facing a human and environmental disaster.

The city of  Dallas planning commission will have a briefing beginning at 11:00 am on Thursday, September 16th at the  city hall briefing room behind cityhall chambers. The public comment portion will begin at 1:30 in city hall chambers. In order to prevent a dangerous situation from happening, we urge all citizens to attend this hearing.

XTO representative Walter Dueease presents his power point on the mechanics of natural gas drilling. It’s mechanical, it’s boring, it’ scientific, it’s devoid of human emotion. It’s all about the product. He says, they can do it safely and quietly. Just the gas, with one exception, the safety.

We learn:
A. Since 2007, the city of Dallas has not exercised “due diligence” in creating a communication conduit with the citizens about it’s plans to explore natural gas inside the city limits. To say that the city has failed miserably is being generous.

B. The citizens  know their homes are already situated adjacent to a city owned toxic lake/property, and they can live with the helicopters but they cannot live with an environmental/health hazard as an additional stress factor. One has to wonder if they even know about the “plumes” that possibly flow through their property. Over the course of a couple of conversations with EPA Region 6, the entire area around the base is “plumed” hence the lack of development on the property itself. Some don’t even know that the pond that is connected by the channel is even more toxic than the lake itself. EPA says that it’s filled with embalming fluid and they can’t seem to figure out how it got there. That’s their findings, not my hysteria. I’m going to assume that Sustainable Development has already been in touch with EPA so they already knew this.

C. That most of the answers given by the XTO were at best fuzzy and sometimes contradictory. He lied about the number of wells on the SUP as I had to remind him. 10 versus a potential 23 over a ten period. Why would he lie?

D. That state and federal laws did not require XTO or any natural gas industry to install air monitors at the site and they had no intention of doing so.

E. In the pursuit of a water source, Exelon was not looking to sell XTO any water from Mt. Creek and that the next best thing for XTO to use was city water from a fire hydrant. Now how do you think that’s going to play in the news? As you heard, when I asked about the amount needed per well, per frack, his response was 2-3 million gallons.  At 30 million gallons of water(and that’s if he is telling the truth on that)given the city of Dallas’ program to “conserve” water, I think this could be a sticking point.

F. The US Army’s concern about having the site pad in the middle of their operational area poses such a problem, that US ARMY Sergeant Long tells everyone that this could be not only a life and death situation for Army staff, but residents as well. As Sergeant Long said, since this particular US ARMY helicopter division is working with foreign countries such as Singapore, a situation involving a collision with a gas well could become an international incident. I think having the Asian helicopter pilot there was a
great way to underscore the severity of this proposal. XTO and the city of Dallas should already be embarrassed that whole conversation was in public and being recorded by media.

G. I was surprised that XTO was bold enough to show the path of the transmission line that would track into Grand Prairie. But I did think it was disingenuous for Mr. Dueease to say that Midstream would have to jump through all kinds of permitting to put it there. We all know that it’s a case of imminent domain and it’s just a matter of “getting
out of the way” since the RRC deems it so. The transmission lines as you probably know, are an equal sized “elephant in the living room” that no one wants to address.

H. Surprise was written all over my face when Mr. Dueease said that the city of Dallas would be holding the list of fracking chemicals on file and that there were no secrets for XTO to hide. Do you have that list as of yet, and is your office ready to publicize it?

XTO & City of Dallas: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

3 Comments leave one →
  1. September 14, 2010 6:54 pm

    Did you say Grand Prairie?? And did you say Midstream? Oh, great.

  2. September 15, 2010 3:57 am

    thank you for being a truth warrior… and getting to the bottom of all this muck.

  3. Ruth A King permalink
    September 15, 2010 7:26 pm

    Great article! You have the story on Mt Creek Lake and the Army. This place is a total MESS already; so, of course, a well will be just what it needs! Wonder if Region 6 EPA is okay with drilling…I’m thinking yes.

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