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30 million gallons from a fire hydrant

September 15, 2010

That’s what he said. Walter Dueease representative from XTO/EXXON told us on Monday night at the Hensley Field meeting location.
We asked: How many gallons does it take to frac a well?
Answer: About 3 million
We asked: Where is this water’s source?
Answer: We have asked to buy lake water from Exelon(they own the water rights at Mt. Creek Lake) but they have refused.
We asked: So, what is your next source?
Answer: If we have to, we would purchase water from the city of Dallas and access it via a fire hydrant.

He says 3 million per well, per frac.  We hear it’s more like 5 million per well, per frac.

The Dallas Observer was there, see what they ‘observed’.

30 million, 50 million. Now don’t forget to conserve water in Dallas.

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