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DFW GAS BOWL XLV: Yee haw! Are you ready for some gas wells?

September 20, 2010

Now that the football season is in full motion, we just wanted to give out a reminder about what is in store for those who travel far and wide to attend the Super Bowl in 2011, here in Arlington, Texas. Natural gas wells with be front and center on either side of Cowboys Stadium to greet everyone. Since the City of Arlington is apparently in full acceptance of everything good about gas, we think it should be known that there are many who did not know about the “deal”. City councilman Mel(there are no ozone problems)LeBlanc and Mayor( guess what word my last name rhymes with)Cluck are excited and proud to bring on the wells to the citizens of Arlington.  YEE HAW!, the city council said to bring it on. The public notification list did not include those who rent apartments or who live in mobile homes. The only ones who were alerted were the home owners and Jerry Jones, owner of the stadium and the Dallas Cowboys. So we are anxiously awaiting to hear if the City of Arlington will approve the vendor cart applicant who wants to rent gas masks to the patrons of the big game as they enter the stadium property.

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  1. concerned64 permalink
    September 27, 2010 9:07 pm

    Gasbowl for Gasholes. Speaking of, will the governor be attending?

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