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Questions About Fracturing

September 21, 2010

Last week at the City of Dallas city planning commission briefing and at the public hearing, questions were asked. There were not a lot of feel good/safety is #1/ there’s not a problem, type answers. Not from the Sustainable Development Department of the city, and the industry  answers were not even satisfactory enough. In fact, satisfactory enough as we remember in school was a “C”. That’s not good enough. We deserve better. We need the A+ answers with A+ results to follow. The industry is capable of doing that, they just can’t help themselves by doing the opposite. There have been fuzzy/non committal answers, health and environmental concerns, property values dropping, a lack of communication from the city government to the residents.  All of these do not serve the people. Telling the commission that in order to monitor the air, “somebody could go out and live there” (referring to the drill site) does not necessarily help your sales pitch, Mr.XTO/EXXON/MOBIL.

For this reason, the commission wisely chose to “put under advisement” the vote and to revisit the issue on October 21st. So when we read in Monday’s New York Times Editorial section, we find a brief and concise opinion only confirmed what we have been saying all along.  We all need to ask more questions.

Read it. Call the mayor. He says that he cares about the residents of Dallas. Ask him your questions. 214-670-4054 You can even fax him your questions:214-670-0646

Come to the next meeting, October 21st at 1:30pm, City Hall.

Demand more. When you know better, you do better.

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