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A gas well on Dallas’s Dead Sea

October 4, 2010

Yep, that’s right. We have our own Dead Sea right here in Dallas in District 3. This contaminated lake sits at many sites of interest. We have it at Dallas Baptist University, DFW National Cemetery, and of course, Dallas residents. These residents have homes that sit literally on the banks of Mountain Creek Lake, Dallas’s Dead Sea. Everyone out there knows it’s contaminated. PCB’s lay on the floor of the lake. What is a PCB? It’s called polychlorinated biphenyl and yes, it is toxic. That’s why you cannot eat the fish from the lake, nor should you get in the water. It’s not safe. For more on PCB, click here Now there are just “patches” of PCB’s according to the EPA. These accumulated over the decades when the US NAVY used the base there. They would dump fuel, batteries, all kinds of contaminants long before anyone thought that it would be a problem. All of these contaminants are contained within the sediments that sit on the bottom of the lake. This lake sits next to Hensley Field, the site of a proposed natural gas well. Decision day is October 21, 2010 at 1:30 pm

Here is the application for the gas well. Go to the last page to see a map of residents homes.

So we were intrigued when last week, the Dallas News did an article about the fish in the lake. It is reported according to the headline, that you can “keep” the fish but not eat the fish. So if you happen to catch a fish, please be sure and “keep it” on a leash. Please click here for the Dallas News article on the lake

Here is a US government study about the lake: Click here.

To find out more about our toxic lake and the effects it can have on us, please take a look at this blog written by a Dallas native who has had concerns for years about the lake, but never really got that much attention. Her blog will give you a history of the lake and what is happening now with the proposed gas well that the City of Dallas wants us to have in our lives. CLICK THIS

Please remember that on October 21, 2o1o at 1:30, the City of Dallas Planning Commission will decide if we should have a gas pad site containing as many as 23 gas wells sitting on the banks of our Dead Sea next door to our residents for 10 years. The US ARMY still uses the air base there to train foreign countries Air Force pilots to fly helicopters. The US ARMY does not want the well. It’s in their way of training. They say, it could be a traffic hazard and therefore create an international incident if a foreign pilot was accidentally killed in a wreck between copter and well.So now, it’s 23 gas wells, a dead lake, Dallas residents, the US ARMY, and foreign pilots. Not a good mix

What do you think the planning commission will do? Why not give them a call and let them know how you feel.


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  1. October 5, 2010 6:08 pm

    Great reporting. You know, it’s amazing when you read the natural gas industry descriptions…people are rarely part of it. And yet, they are and should be the centerpiece. Our lives are at stake with all of this gas drilling activity. It’s bad enough living next to a toxic lake. This area is potentially a stick-a-fork-in-it, full-blown “sacrifice zone,” if ever there was one. But hey, it’s just people and neighborhoods.

    • Ruth Cook permalink
      July 12, 2011 6:08 pm

      It’s a sacrifice zone and a money-making zone. Drilling at the NAS has been planned for a long time-for oil, also. The city received money to do a much more thorough clean up of the facility than what was done. See lawsuit from 2001-City of Dallas vs US Navy.

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