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Dallas wins again!

October 22, 2010

For the second time in a row, the Dallas City Planning Commission made a very wise decision in voting NO to approve the first natural gas pad site in Dallas. At the public hearing yesterday, it was an afternoon of high stakes drama. This time, XTO brought along the  Master Planners boys who really should just have an office set up in city hall knowing how often they are in there. When the vote occured, it became a “surreal” experience of being in the middle of an BOSTON LEGAL episode or John Grisham novel. The tension, the attitude, and the negotiations of the vote swirled around us like a tornado. Read all about it by CLICKING HERE.

As of now, the 12 gas wells that XTO wants to install putting Dallas residents in danger of their lives is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN for now. This is a victory for all of us who live in Dallas and can breathe a “clean sigh of relief” but only for a short time.

Here is who voted NO to gas wells in Dallas

Wally, Davis, Peterson, Rodgers, Davis, Shellene, Lavaillasaa

Here is who voted YES to gas wells in Dallas

Anglin, Bagley, Tarpley, Wolfish, Schwartz, Benbaum

What will most likely happen next is this: XTO/EXXON with their posse of lawyers will appeal to the Dallas City Council to hear their plea to install these wells. They have a right to do this. Especially since they gave the City of Dallas $34 million dollars two years ago( the city did not ask us for permission) thinking that we would not notice and let it happen. Uh oh, the money has been spent. It cannot be given back. What a problem.

Perhaps the city manager, the mayor (yes, in that order) and the city council should have done a better job of communicating what they were doing without our knowledge. We can now say, “shame on them” for doing that.

In fact the ONLY city councilmember who was bold enough to stand up and say, “this is not right”, was Angela Hunt back in 2008. You can read what she said then and it still is true today. CLICK HERE. So sometime soon, it’s going to be interesting to see who is willing to vote yes to a gas site with 12 wells to start for 10 years in a city whose gas ordinance is as weak as the Dallas ordinance. Combine that with a corrupt Texas Railroad Commission and a TCEQ who are a joke, Dallas really does have a problem.

Keep reading here for the latest details. This is about to get interesting. Don’t forget, apathy kills.

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  1. October 23, 2010 1:03 pm

    keep up the good work…great article..telling it like it is…I am not apathetic when it comes to this fight…we need more people like you. The Gas Drilling Companies have way too much money and influence and they will have to be watched with Eagle eyes…they stink like a bunch of dirty dogs..and will stop at nothing. Hooray for you and God bless you.

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