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Welcome to Gasland, Josh Fox

October 28, 2010

Josh, we welcome you to the “original” and quite dirty Gasland, Texas. One of the dirtiest, filthiest, places on the planet. And that’s just the state government! Oh, we kid those guys who sit on the Texas Railroad Commission. What a name! That’s how we feel down here in the Lone Star State-RAILROADED! These guys are so bought and paid for by the industry, we have to wonder just how big are those gifts  that just keep on giving?

Then there is the TCEQ, who bring a whole new meaning to the word “idiocy”. Another one of our governors appointed board positions who has a member that doesn’t even believe in global warming. Whose members when asked to look at deteriorating gas lines in the Barnett Shale, say there is no problem.

Thank god there has been ONE media outlet who has taken the bold step to show everyone just how corrupt our state government is and how their inaction can pose a serious threat to everyone’s well being. WFAA has become the leader in the local television media to show the many dangers of gas drilling. We proudly show the links to three stories that have been broadcast over the past 10 days with more to come.

They are here. And here. And here.

Then, there is the great new advocacy group known as Here is a sampling from their site.

Welcome, Josh Fox. Keep your gasmask handy.

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