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Earthquakes near Dallas

November 9, 2010

SMU scientists are still scratching their heads as to the cause of the earthquakes that have been happening around us. They just can’t seem to connect the dots. These earthquakes usually occur near injection wells from Euless to Cleburne. A injection well is one that holds the contaminated water that flows back from natural gas drilling. The industry captures the water(or attempts to do so, spillage can occur) and then hauls it away to injection wells far away from the pad site and those of us who live near a pad site.

CLICK HERE to watch yesterday’s news report.

Since this water is contaminated and cannot be used again, it is then injected into the earth. Those that live next to the injection well, not only get the earthquakes, well beyond that no one knows what will happen in the future. You see, this is still a “new thing” and there are surprises at every turn. This is why we are asking the City of Dallas to stop, take a breath, defer on a decision to approve drilling applications. The City of Dallas needs a task force to explore, investigate, ask questions , and the decide what to do. The EPA regulates injection wells.

CLICK HERE to read more about their regulations. They do have oversight of the injection wells due to the Safe Drinking Water Act. They DO NOT have oversight via the Safe Drinking Water Act on fracturing. PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO PROCESSES.

We cannot rely on industry when they tell us in reassuring tones, to “trust them” or “we know what we’re doing”.  How many signals does one need to ask the really tough questions, to demand answers?


See how complicated this is? See why industry relies on you NOT to be informed? See what happens when we don’t ask questions? Now, what do we do?

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