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Dallas defers, Grand Prairie says stop, Pittsburgh says no, Southlake P/Z says no way, and Colleyville says: Frack me like you mean it

November 19, 2010

Wow! What a week! Communities far and near made life altering decisions this week. Some for the better, and some face an uncertain future. From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania whose entire city council said NO to urban drilling to Colleyville, Texas whose residents are already shopping for that new SUV and giant furniture for those McMansions. Obviously, the horror stories of urban gas drilling that have been in every media outlet were not able to convince the town of Colleyville that their deal with the devil will eventually have it’s consequences. Last night, Southlake, Texas said: WAIT!

Yesterday, at Dallas City Hall, the planning commission decided to defer their vote for the second application filed by XTO to February 17, 2011. At one point during the afternoon, city councilman Dave Neumann unveiled his exquisitely choreographed plans for making a motion of to hold off on drilling in Dallas for six months, extend the lease a bit longer. His other plans are to create a panel of experts to study the issues and then proceed with the new knowledge.

We agree with Mr. Neumann’s proposal but wished that he had this “light bulb moment” back in February 2008 when only Councilperson Angela Hunt suggested the same idea. If this panel of experts are to be called in to work with the city to study the issues, we will be watching very closely to see who is chosen.We are also anxiously awaiting Mr. Neumann’s political plans as his term is up for re election in May 2011.



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  1. November 19, 2010 1:46 pm

    frack me like you mean it. te he.

    Now, if only it were really that funny. sadly, those folks and in denial about what that really means.

    Thanks for all the great coverage, Raymond. I didn’t realize this was going down in Southlake too.

    • Cincrun permalink
      November 20, 2010 10:55 pm

      Southlake says “No” but will still get “Fracked” believe it or not…Southlake’s P&Z voted 4-3 to reject XTO’s SUP application at the hearing on 11/18. This suppose to mean that they would need a super majority at the City Council hearing on 12/7th. I just found out that somehow they no longer need a super majority but just a majority which means that they just need 4/7 votes in favor of drilling. This is almost guaranteed. This is an outrage and there is something “rotten in Denmark”. Just read this article which was written on 11/19/10 at 7:11pm. This writer had written one around 1:25am on 11/19 soon after the vote was taken where there was no mention of City Attorney needing to opine…Somebody made an offer they couldn’t refuse between 12:44am and 7:11pm??….Who could it be? Southlake residents will get fracked twice – once in a miscarriage of justice and again when the fracking fluids start to spew! Let’s get the party start!!!

      Southlake Planning and Zoning Commission votes against natural gas proposal
      By Bill Conrad,
      Published: Friday, November 19, 2010 7:11 PM CST
      The Southlake Planning and Zoning Commission voted against recommending a specific use permit for a natural gas well at 651 and 655 Highland Street, near the intersection of Highland Street and State Highway 114 at its meeting Thursday evening. The vote was 4-3, with commissioners Darrell Faglie, Brigham McCown and Robert Hudson voting in favor of the specific use permit.

      The commission’s decision is non-binding. The city council will hold two readings and a public hearing on the issue, with the first reading coming Dec. 7.

      Even with the vote against recommending the specific use permit, Southlake City Attorney Tim Fralla ruled Friday that no specific recommendation was made by the commission. With no specific recommendation, the city council only needs a simple majority to approve the specific use permit. If a recommendation had been made, a supermajority would have been needed.

      The commission’s vote came at 12:44 a.m. Friday, ending five and a half hours of debate and public comments on the item. It was the second time the issue came before the commission. The item was previously tabled after a three-plus hour public hearing Nov. 4.

  2. Jay permalink
    January 24, 2011 9:04 pm

    Only two questions:

    Why do you need to be exempt from the clean water act ?

    Why is every state with hydraulic fracturing currently experiencing a public outcry of tainted water in wells some of which are 100 yr old quality water producers ?

    I am willing to take the hit on air quality so – can an unbiased expert answer the questions ?

    • concerned64 permalink
      January 24, 2011 9:14 pm

      No one should be exempt from the Clean Air or Clean Water Act from the 1970’s. That was progress.
      The volumn of drilling has just increased in the past 5-6 years and has moved closer into people’s neighborhoods
      versus out in the country. So instead with dealing with one or two farmers who can be bought off quietly, you
      now have pad sites sitting in the middle of thousands of lives. Everyone is on the internet now, 8 years ago…
      you know the rest… More eyes, more info, more cameras, etc..
      You should never take a hit on anything. Texas currently ranks #7 with the dirtiest air in the world. Now you know why
      we have the highest asthma rate in the country. You give an inch, they take your life. Thanks for reading, thanks for asking questions
      and having a dialogue.

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