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What the Dallas News did not report

November 26, 2010

But the Fort Worth Star Telegram did… come on Jim Moroney(he’s the publisher), your paper can do better. Like the saying goes,”when you know better, you do better”. The potential of natural gas drilling in the City of Dallas is one big story with enough related stories to have in the paper nearly every day. CLICK HERE TO READ WHAT YOU HAVEN’T READ IN THE DALLAS NEWS about XTO’s big spill this week in Pennsylvania. Recently,we know that you’ve reported about SUP’s, neighborhood meetings, Dave Neumann pretending he’s in charge of things, and activists getting dissed by the Trinity Audubon Center on Facebook-yawn. Soft ball stories. You did more stories over the BEFORE the drilling applications hit Dallas City Hall. That was when, there was no indication of potential drilling in Dallas. Let your news staff do their jobs.

So, it is frustrating to have to rely on The Fort Worth Star Telegram and The Denton Record Chronicle to read ‘up to the minute stories’ of natural gas and how they are affecting eveyone’s lives. Both of these daily papers are quite adept at keeping their readers informed about these issues. From XTO (part of EXXON/MOBIL; with no ties to Dallas city officials,”wink, wink”) causing a spill in Pennsylvania, a family having their property devalued up to 74%, to residents with toxins in their system that match the drilling toxins and emissions. It’s a shame that most people had to learn of the Ruggiero property devaluation from 60 Minutes. The Denton Record Chronicle has been reporting on that story for months. READ HERE

Let’s see how long it takes The Dallas News to report on the XTO spill this past week. Let’s see how long  it takes The Dallas News to report about Keystone Energy wanting to drill on the shores of Grapevine Lake. That’s the water source for Dallas, Highland Park ,University Park, and Grapevine. CLICK HERE ON THE STAR TELEGRAM TO READ ABOUT YOUR FUTURE WATER SOURCE IN DALLAS AND FORT WORTH

NBC Channel 5 did a story. CLICK HERE

Now, why would the City of Dallas want to pump water from Joe Pool to Bachman Treatment plant? The Dallas City Council approved the $832,000,000 pipeline without any Dallas News attention. This is a big story waiting to be told.There is so much drilling currently happening on the shores of Joe Pool with others wanting to move in, we are contemplating future water quality issues. Is Bachman Treatment up to speed on treating water that is so close to drilling? As you saw in the video, the City of Dallas Water Utilities staff is concerned. Let your city hall reporters do their job. This is not a fish and game story, it’s our drinking water.

The Dallas News has an award winning staff of writers who are smart, articulate, and ready to report. We think they need to get the ‘green light’ so that they can do the job they know best. We will paraphrase the saying: when you know better, you report better.

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  1. November 26, 2010 11:42 am

    Maybe if we didn’t spend all our water drilling we wouldn’t have to spend so much money building a pipeline to E. TX.

    Have you noticed how they are now starting to export our national security gas to China? It’s so brilliant! They used national security to exercise eminent domain to drill and build all the infrastructure, including the “import terminals” that they have now flipped to “export terminals.” They can export our gas to other countries for a huge profit which will drive the price here up. They can’t loose and we won’t stop them.

    • Mellany Lamb permalink
      November 29, 2010 9:51 am

      To add to Sharon’s point regarding China and our national security, the O&G maybe supporting China’s strong ally North Korea. The irony of it all.

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