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Water flames,Railroad Commission ignores,EPA steps in

December 8, 2010

Two separate homes of Parker County have been having problems with their water source and have repeatedly asked the Texas State Railroad Commission to investigate and help. The residents have been ignored by their own state agency since reporting problems back in 2009. Now, the EPA has stepped in and after doing their own investigation have cited Range Resources for contaminating the well water. The Texas State Railroad Commission, long known for their lack of oversight and impressions of a close relationship with industry is trying to investigate without disturbing the industry.

Here is what the Dallas News reported: CLICK HERE

Once again, WFAA News has stepped up to the plate and has reported the story: CLICK HERE

Don’t forget that next week on December 15th, Flower Mound, Texas will hear an application from Keystone Energy to drill on the shores of Grapevine Lake. The energy company is asking for many variances so that they do not have to adhere to protecting the lake. This very lake is a source of drinking water for Highland Park, University Park, and the CITY OF DALLAS. The public is invited to attend the hearing to give comments.

We encourage everyone to follow all of these stories, as we are beginning to learn that the lack of oversight and communication from the state and municipal governments can lead to catastrophe if left unchecked.

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