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Flower Mound to decide Dallas, Park Cities water future on Wednesday night!

December 13, 2010


This is the week that the City of Dallas should be in the drivers seat of our water quality needs, but sadly it is not. The City of Dallas water quality will be decided this week by the Flower Mound City Council’s Oil and Gas Board of Appeals.  Dallas Water Utilities were caught off guard last month when we reported that Keystone Energy wants to drill on the shores of Grapevine Lake. No problem. Right? Wrong! Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, and Grapevine, Texas all receive their water from this lake. Here is the meeting agenda: CLICK HERE

Here is what Keystone wants:

1)    Variance to Upland Habitat
2)    Variance to Riparian Habitat
3)    Variance to Prairie Habitat
4)    Variance to FEMA Floodplain (1′ away from the FEMA flood plain)
5)    Variance to Waters of the State (ephemeral stream feeding into Lake Grapevine; drinking water source for Highland Park, University Park, Grapevine)
6)    Property, lot, or tract lines variances from both the gas well and surface equipment (equipment ratio: for every one well, there’s two condensate or produced water tanks.  For every two wells, there’s generally four condensate tanks with a compressor, etc.)

Will the City of Dallas take a hands off approach to this issue? Doubtful. We assume there has been a lot of talk going on behind closed doors since this was announced. Keystone wants to have many variances with regards to the drilling process and with little or no oversight. So if there is a spill, or breaching of the lake water, then we are all in for a big problem. But again, Dallas does not decide this. The City of Flower Mound holds our water quality future in their hands. Anyone can attend this meeting on Wednesday night. All are welcome.

The address: Flower Mound Town Hall-2121 Cross Timbers Road 6:30 pm, Wednesday night

We also think that since the City of Dallas signed off on a huge water project to build a pipeline from Lake Palestine to Joe Pool Lake that they may want to look again at this already ‘done deal’. The west and southwestern shores of Joe Pool Lake look like the wildcatting terrain of East Texas in the 1920’s. So we are going to assume that the City of Dallas already knows about that. We assume that the water quality is currently good and that going forward it will not be harmed. This lake will provide our drinking water in 2014.

To read about it: CLICK HERE

We assume like all good citizens that our civic leaders have our best interests and protection at the forefront.But you know what happens when you assume. It makes an ASS out of U and ME.

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  1. Flower Mound Resident permalink
    December 13, 2010 4:18 pm

    FYI, the City Council does not decide this, the Oil and Gas Board of Appeals decides this. They are a quasi-judicial board appointed by the Town Council. They cannot be lobbied due to their judicial status and they are appointed, not elected officials.

    • concerned64 permalink
      December 13, 2010 4:19 pm

      thanks very much

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