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Clown of the Year 2010 and 2011: Rick Perry

December 30, 2010


He performs his acts in a state that encourages unethical behavior between industry and state regulators. He skates by any investigation or inquiry into these practices while proclaiming that  Texas is open for business. As the state continues to slide into becoming the dirtiest state in the country and his other clowns help to continue the masquerade, the rest of us pay the price with a dirty environment and ill health.

The Dallas News said on December 30th:

Air quality

As the year began, we offered this goal: Reduce Texas’ greenhouse gas emissions with an eye toward losing the title of carbon dioxide king. We’re here to report there was little to celebrate in 2010. The can not only was kicked down the road – it was booted almost out of sight.

State officials spent 2010 fighting the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to compel Texas to do more. Gov. Rick Perry and others wasted time litigating environmental regulations instead of cleaning up our air.

As a result, Texas is the only state refusing to abide by new rules requiring regulators to issue greenhouse gas permits. The EPA even stepped in last week to take over Texas’ permitting process. Elected officials complain the EPA is targeting Texas, but 49 other states are playing by those rules, even though some also are suing the EPA.

There was one bright spot: Work began on identifying strategies that could reduce carbon and reduce costs for consumers and businesses. The “No Regrets” bill called for an advisory committee and Texas’ comptroller to outline ideas that could reduce both carbon and costs. But no final decisions have been made on what, if anything, might be implemented.

Bottom line: This was not a good year for Texans and their air.

As head clown Perry continues his ridiculous fight against the EPA, our state is the only one in the 50 that continues to refuse to allow the EPA to oversee the permitting process of polluters. Yesterday, the clown and the state lost once again in this fight. Read here

The Texas Railroad Commission and  the TCEQ both have continued to ignore polluters, stonewall investigations, and taken money right in front of everyone’s eyes and it’s all within the state laws. Ethics do not count anymore. Rick Perry and his buddy Harold Simmons continue their plans to make West Texas a nuclear waste dump that will put our state in peril for thousands of years. Money talks and the rest of us can “go to hell” if you choose to ask questions.

We could go on, but there is too much to rehash on this blog. Just search out his name and spend some hours catching up on his oily and self promoting ways. Embarrassing as it is to say, we have a clown for a governor. The Texas circus continues, so step right up and enjoy the sights. In the center ring, Clown of the Year; Rick Perry!


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  1. aplayfullone permalink
    May 28, 2011 12:05 pm

    Its easy to see where in Texas the socialists have found a home, nothing says Marxism quite as much as environmentalism. Karl Marx the original environmentalist knew to destroy capitalism and freedom one only needed to scream about the danger to the environment.

    The American people are not so dumb any longer we now have access to the voices of truth and the desire to fight those who are the slave makers. Socialists have always felt the way to power is paved with the lives of those who wish to be free.

    • concerned64 permalink
      May 28, 2011 2:38 pm

      I guess you would be surprised that we took a democratic vote and decided, why not let those have an opportunity
      to speak their minds? If being kind to the earth, and voicing concerns about everyone’s health for the greater good
      is socialism, then we support it. Your health and your families health is our concern because as you see, we are all in this
      together on this planet and we must be careful as to how we treat it. So when industry pollutes the environment, then their
      freedom to pollute by way of federal and state legislation is treading on our freedom to breathe without toxins.

      You’re right, the American people are not so dumb any longer and they see all those gas industry television commercials that tell us
      how safe it is and that we have nothing to fear. When you have 3 commercials of that genre within a 15 minute segment, I would guess that
      maybe we have something to fear. I would say that you are right about power and how it is paved with the lives of those who wish to be free.
      Free of the toxins, and pollutants that are killing this country and the cronyism that supports it. We should all be free of the injustice that is invading
      our planet, the powerful and the pollutants will eventually wipe us all out.

      We have no power, no cash, no influence in seats of government. Unlike the industrial complex, we only have our voices. We don’t buy television time in the family hour
      of broadcast. We don’t deliver large sums of money to legislators, commissions, and political leaders, we only deliver a message.

      That message: We all drink the same water and we all breathe the same air.
      Socialism at it’s finest.

      We are really glad you are reading, watching, and learning about this complex issue. We wish you good luck on your journey of enlightenment.


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