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World watches as Texas pecans trees die because of coal plants

December 31, 2010

Rick “the clown” Perry allows Texas state tree to die in the Hill Country

It’s sad and it’s also embarrassing. Because Rick  “the clown” Perry has allowed business/money to come before the health of this state, he has chosen our state tree as the first of many sacrificial lambs. Texas has the highest number of coal plants in the country. Since sulfur dioxide is one of the many toxins that is continually blown into our air, it is killing the Texas pecan tree. What or who is next?

News media from far and wide are talking about this and yet, locally we don’t hear about it. Much like the case of gas drilling and it’s affects on our lives, our leaders don’t want you to know, don’t want you to think about it, and to just keep driving or listening to your ipod. Don’t think, whatever you do. Fellow clown group, TCEQ says there is no link between the dying trees and the coal plants.

Here’s who is talking about it, take your pick:

Victoria Advocate

Yahoo News

Waxahachie Daily Light

Minneapolis-Saint Paul Star Tribune

The Seattle Times

Chicago Tribune

The Wichita Eagle



Philly Burbs


Long Island Press

Huffington Post


Austin American Statesman

Emma Berry- 3rd US Congressional District

So as they say in Texas, “we’re state proud!”


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