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Radiation Pit from Hell in West Texas built by Highland Park resident

January 1, 2011

What looks like a frack pit but isnt? Texas new radiation disposal pits in west Texas!
Thanks to Highland Park resident Harold Simmons, friend of Rick “the clown” Perry and Dallas mayor Tom Leppert. Harold wants to really build that pit from hell out in West Texas because Rick Perry has no problem with it. You see Rick has taken about $500,000 or more from Harold in contributions and the mayor has been a recipient of Harold’s cash as well. This nuclear waste will never ever go away for thousands of years. Funny thing how Harold repents for his sins on a regular basis by contributing to cancer organizations and such. Like that should make him sleep better.
In recent months, however, the full story of that licensing process has been revealed by one of the three TCEQ employees who quit. Glenn Lewis, the technical editor of the TCEQ team at that time, is now one of the agency’s most vocal critics.

The potential for contamination of the Ogallala Aquifer is real, said Lewis, and that fact was explained in detail to top TCEQ administrators and commissioners at the time. Ironic how T Boone Pickens eventually wants the entire water rights to the Ogallala even though he denies it.

After four years of study of the Waste Control application, the TCEQ technical team reported in a memo that because groundwater from two nearby water tables would “intrude into the … disposal units and contact the waste,” the site “is not suitable for near-surface disposal of radioactive waste.”

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