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Dallas city staff ignores alarming reports and endorses polluter XTO

January 3, 2011

On Wednesday, January 12th the City of Dallas will convene a city council meeting that should be of interest to everyone who lives in Dallas. Beginning a 1 p.m. that afternoon, a decision will be made as to approve or not approve an application for the first of many gas wells proposed within the city limits of Dallas on city owned land. Even though this pad site is for as many as 14 gas wells, hints have been slowly leaking out over the past few months that there are other sites on the same land parcel that polluter XTO would like to explore.
You can read the application by CLICKING HERE

As you may remember back in the Fall,the city planning commission after hearing from XTO and many other public citizen groups, denied the application and then sent it to city council. Soon after, city councilman Dave Neumann who represents the district in which this application sits, made news by telling the Dallas media of his new plans for postponement. READ HERE Apparently, the Dallas city staff does not read any type of media reports in the past six months regarding gas drilling, or they have been instructed by both mayors Suhm and Leppert to help make this deal happen.  There have been thousands of articles in the past six months about gas drilling and yet NONE of these reports has said that: gas drilling does not pollute, gas drilling does not harm our health, and gas drilling does not lower property values. Even City of Dallas Office of Enviromental Quality, Kris Sweckard told the city planning commission that “there is not enough data to support approval of this application”.

When you see the Barnett Shale Energy Education Council link on the city hall web page, you know that the money has been flowing from industry into city hall for months. Former city hall employees turned lobbyists, Masterplan Consulting firm have spent time and enery guiding XTO as to who is friend and who is foe for them. XTO has most recently had leak and spill problems all over the United States but still says that they can do the job. XTO representative, Walter Dueease has continued to lie to the city of Southlake about green completion drilling and has also tried to twist facts in his presentations to Dallas. City council member, Linda Koop was quoted saying that over the past few months, “we have been advised by experts.” She did not give the identity of  “the experts”.

We expect Dave Neumann who is running for reelection in May, to do the right thing and put forward his proposal to call for a moratorium of all gas drilling, and also be at the helm of creating a task force to study all angles of shale gas drilling and it’s effects on us. If Dave Neumann thinks that he wants some votes in May, he will want to “do the right thing”. In order to do this, most likely he will also make a motion to extend the XTO lease by one year. The XTO 2 year lease is up in February and it became obvious as to why they wanted to rush the application through during the last six months of the year. XTO has paid the City of Dallas a whopping $34 million dollars in order to become the lease owners of property all over Dallas. With that payment, XTO correctly assumed that there would be no “problems” in setting up shop. Since mayors Mary Suhm and Tom Leppert successfully bulldozed the secret deal through city council in 2008, only one council member was willing to say, “no”.

By now, you probably know that it was Angela Hunt from District 14 who made a lot of noise about the dangers of gas drilling amongst us humans. Please refresh your memory by CLICKING THIS.


In order to uphold the city planning commission denial, the city council has to cast 4 votes to DENY. It needs 12 to overturn their denial and to approve the application. If you live in the city of Dallas or anywhere close, you have a stake in this vote. If you think that you can ignore this vote and hope that the city will “take care of you”, you are wrong. To start off the new year right, you can show up on that day and tell the City of Dallas, to vote NO on this application. We want a cleaner and healthier Dallas.

Wednesday, January 12th at 1 p.m. City Hall Chambers. 3 minute public comments are welcome.

No parking underground. Due to an insecurity complex, the City of Dallas now requires that you park above ground and feed the meters. As in all Dallas City Hall matters, please bring money with you………….. to feed the meters of course.

We all breathe the same air, and we all drink the same water.

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  1. January 3, 2011 2:44 pm

    Wow. Incredible post. Thank you for this excellent overview. It’s terrible to think that Dallas City Hall made this awful deal in the first place because they thought it would be out-of-sight and out-of-mind. Well, it’s not any of that. People live here!! And breathe here. And will be very, very, very hurt by this shale gas drilling deal in their immediate air, living and water zones. I am just shocked by how some in Dallas don’t see this as any big deal since it’s removed from the City’s center. What is that saying when something is “rotten to the core.” Well, if this deal goes through…it will be “rotten from the core out.” Sometimes it just takes a bright light to see the rot. This post is the spotlight. Thank you.

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