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City of Dallas receives a present

February 9, 2011

Your friends at Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling in partnership with Downwinders at Risk dropped off a little present yesterday at Dallas City Hall.

The city council, the city manager, and the mayor now have their own personal copy of this year’s Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary: Gasland.

Along with the DVD we sent along a little note which you can read by CLICKING THIS

Most recently, the gas industry has begun to lobby voters of the Academy asking them NOT to vote for this incredible film. The industry has been employing Washington style lobbying efforts in order to keep their agenda from being exposed to everyone. Read what Gasland film director Josh Fox has to say to them by CLICKING THIS

Yesterday, it was announced that the City of Buffalo, New York has now banned fracking in their city. They now join Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who also has outlawed the process.

READ ABOUT IT HERE. Meanwhile, the City of Dallas continues to dither, ignore, and pretend that we will lose interest or go away. That is not going to happen. The closer we get to May 14th (re election time), the louder we will become.

At this point, the City of Dallas cannot say they have no idea of the problems that could come with shale gas drilling next door to you and your families. You can call the city of Dallas asking them for their opinion of the movie by calling: 214-670-0776 or 214-670-4054.

Now they know.

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