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City of Dallas puts Audubon,1000’s of lives in danger

February 11, 2011

The City of Dallas planning commission will vote next Thursday, February 17th at 1pm on application Z090-226(we) which would allow XTO Energy to install about 14 gas wells at West Camp Wisdom and FM1382.

Here is the lease:Z090-226(WE)

Although this application does not apply to the Cedar Ridge Preserve property, it is a 5 minute bike ride.

Another thing you should know:

1. The Cedar Ridge Preserve is owned by the City of  Dallas.

2. Dallas Audubon manages it.

3.The City of Dallas has leased the land to XTO/Exxon for possible gas exploration.

4.That was part of the $34 million deal and signed by city manager Mary Suhm from 2008 that was made without your knowledge. City Manager Mary Suhm negotiated the lease, signed it and then ‘sandbagged’ the council back in 2008 by putting it on a consent agenda so that there would be a minimum of discussion.  Council member Angela Hunt called it out and said NO.

The proposed site at Camp Wisdom and FM1382 sits next to thousands of lives, Joe Pool Lake,  Interstate 20, and Cedar Hill State Park. The application location is in a prairie that sits in a flood plain. It sits next to a tributary that connects both Joe Pool and Mountain Creek Lake. There are many birds that are unique to the area and are in harms way. Such as the black capped vireo: SEE HERE

There is also a rare orchid known as the Hexalectris grandiflora more common in West Texas and Mexico. You can see it: HERE

There is the golden cheeked warble that loves to live in the area. You can see it: HERE

You can come to the city planning commission hearing next week in city hall chambers to voice your concern regarding this application and the other application located at Mountain Creek Lake. They may not have the unique ecosystem, but they do have families.

If you want to contact the volunteers at Audubon, you can get their information HERE

When you reach one them, ask if they will support us in keeping the gas drilling out of the area in order to protect the environment and our lives. We have families, XTO wants the gas, Mary Suhm signed the lease, the City of Dallas cashed the $34 million dollar check. Who will prevail?

Dallas City Planning Commission Hearing
Thursday, February 17th
1 pm
City Hall Chambers
Everyone is welcomed to come and make comments.

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