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A collar of poison for Dallas

February 14, 2011

mary-suhm-sm Tougher than any ‘strong mayor’ from Chicago or New York, Dallas city manager continues her quest to make Dallas one of the most polluted cities in the United States. Since the first application became known to the public, we have continued to ask questions of the city council and the city planning commission about the many questions associated with shale gas drilling in an urban environment. Emails, phone calls, meetings, letters and still by all appearances, she wants to get that gas.

Ever since she signed the ‘deal with the devil’ back in 2008 and cashed that $34 million dollar check, it seems that no scientist, no EPA report, no explosions, no leaks, no spills will detour her. Today we see the document whereupon the City of Dallas is looking for a gas inspector. CLICK HERE

In today’s Dallas Morning News, an excellent editorial about the poisoning of our city on the south side. You can READ IT HERE

Saturday’s paper revealed the stressful situation to the northern suburb of Frisco and the poisoning of the land because of the Exide Battery Plant. READ IT HERE

So now, with the proposed sites for gas drilling sitting in the southwestern sections of Dallas, with other sites such as the LB Houston Golf  Course on the west side,  we could have a collar of poison around our lives. The audacity of Mary Suhm and her mismanagement of our city will only bring continued hardships to everyone who lives within it’s boundaries. A poorly written gas ordinance that favors the industry, a city council who only responds in small sound bites. Back in 2008 only one city council member dared to raise the issue of how this deal was done. Angela Hunt was correct then and still is today. Whorish behavior always has a cost. Here is what she said in 2008. READ HERE.

Mr. Neumann, a city council member from District 3 whose mismanagement, poor communication skills, and poor leadership of this issue only compound the problem. He said he wanted to study the issue. He offered a delay until October. He made overtures to creation of a task force. He has nothing to offer.

To ignore this issue is a slap in the face to everyone who lives within our city. We have been patient, and respectful. We have played by the rules and followed protocols in our communication with the city and yet the silence is deafening.

Word on the street is that since the City of Dallas is not pursuing a task force to study the issue, that residents will do it themselves, a ‘Peoples Task Force” of sorts. Then the residents can say what they want to have in their lives and present it to the city. If it comes to pass, you will here it here first. Then we can really see if the city listens to it’s citizens. These are Dallas citizens who not ready to wear that collar of poison for the rest of their lives.

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