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Lip Service

February 17, 2011

Dave Neumann is superb in slapping your back, remembering your name, asking about your kids, and petting the family dog. And that is about where it ends. When it comes to controversial issues that effect residents in his district, he is always the last to know about the issue and the first to say he has an open mind until he hears all of the facts.

His track record is not good for these issues such as the Wynnewood Apartments disaster, the CHA housing at Cliff Manor on Fort Worth Avenue, his flip flop attitude on restoration of a park pergola and now the gas drilling issue that has it’s origins in District 3 next to Joe Pool Lake and Mountain Creek Lake. On the apartment issues, he did not know until the ‘eleventh hour’ about the issue and assured neighbors he was on their side. It just did not work out the way the neighboring residents had hoped. On the park issue, he had to be monitored, cajoled, and counseled on how important of an issue this was to the overall historical status of the park.

Only after a lot of sweat equity from the people who care about the park,did he finally make the correct decision to allow funding for the park. On the gas drilling issue, a controversial one that took shape back in 2008, he never said a word about it for two years. He knew that it would probably start in his district first since it is the closest to the Barnett Shale area.The application was filed in May. All summer long, he said nothing. He waited until a few days before the application was to be heard at city hall before he notified residents via a town meeting of the impending action. His actions speak louder than words.

Once again, he assured us all that he would keep a “open mind” and not listen to the hysteria. We guess he is referring to the residents in the DFW area with toxins in their blood, 74% drop in their property value, leukemia clusters in an elementary school, extremely high levels of benzene in areas of Fort Worth and flaming faucets. That’s the hysteria. Back in the late Fall of 2010, Mr. Neumann indicated that he was willing to offer up a deferment of the first application and perhaps create a task force with the support of councilmembers Hunt and Koop.It never happened, because it never will under his auspices.

This week when two of his constituents appeared before the microphone to speak about their concerns regarding gas drilling, he and city manager stood up and left the room.  On Wednesday, he has said to some that he never had intended to create a task force, will never create a task force and the applications will proceed at their own pace. His apparent need to ‘carry water’ for departing mayor Tom Leppert and current city manager Mary Suhm is an action of ignorance on his part.     Why should Dave Neumann’s lip service result in potential collateral damage for the rest of us?

Actions speak louder than words.

Why should Dave Neumann’s lip service result in potential collateral damage for the rest of us?

Lip service to us, and a clear signal to XTO that in time, their deal could be sealed with a kiss.

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  1. February 18, 2011 10:04 am

    Is he up for reelection anytime soon?

    • concerned64 permalink
      February 18, 2011 3:02 pm

      yes he is, in May.

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