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Dallas Taxi: T Boone Pickens Cab Co.

March 14, 2011


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  1. March 14, 2011 12:48 pm

    Love the illustration. 🙂

    If you get in reasonably nicely dressed, you don’t want to get in that cab. [The regular gas cabs] are not clean, old, used, all of those sorts of things.

    – Tom Leppert, Dallas Mayor

    Earth to Mayor Leppert: The old cabs may not be as “clean” as the new “shale gas cabs,” but at least the old cabs aren’t representing the filthy, ugly, poisonous mess of shale gas drilling in neighborhoods and rural areas to the west and in the westernmost sectors of Dallas County.

    Why doesn’t Dallas pass an ordinance requiring “cleaner” gasoline-driven cars if there is such a problem with these dirty, old cabs. And why do Mayor Leppert and everyone on board with shale gas drilling (including Councilman Neumann) choose to ignore the BIGGER picture when that big picture IS a dirty, filthy, poisonous, toxic, cancer-causing mess??

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