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Oak Cliff Conservation League endorse Angela Hunt’s efforts

March 15, 2011



Last night at the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League March meeting, the league voted overwhelmingly to support city council member
Angela Hunt in her effort to establish an open and transparent gas drilling task force to study the effects of shale gas drilling in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling representative, Raymond Crawford spoke before the league and presented a packet
of facts, pictures, and map to educate those in attendance. A motion was made to support council member Hunt, it had a second, and was then
voted into endorsement of Ms.Hunt’s efforts. 5 council members have signed on to put this task force on the April 6 city council agenda for a vote before
the Dallas city council. They are: Angela Hunt, Vonciel Hill, Carolyn Davis, Pauline Medrano, Tennell Atkins.

Districts 1 and 3 city council members Delia Jasso and Dave Neumann have not endorsed Ms. Hunt’s efforts.

Please see the official endorsement and letter to Dallas mayor Dwaine Caraway, by clicking HERE

Old Oak Cliff Conservation League site is HERE

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