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Frack tanker overturns in Fort Worth-AGAIN

March 24, 2011

For the second time in less than 30 days, a tanker truck used to haul waste water for the gas industry has overturned earlier this morning in Fort Worth. This time, it was in the early morning hours and also involved another vehicle leaving the tanker truck empty of it’s contents but dangling off of a bridge.

Earlier this month a tanker truck overturned adjacent to the Fort Worth Botanical Garden and spilled it’s contents into the city sewer system. The local media did not cover the incident but a passerby snapped photos. The posting is contained within this blog site from last week.

You can watch a video here from WFAA Dallas

You can watch a video here from CBS DFW

One of many reasons that the outdated and weak Dallas gas ordinance must be taken apart and rewritten by a gas drilling task force. This task force has to be based in Dallas, Texas sponsored by the City of Dallas and without outside influences that would compromise the safety of Dallas residents.

Who are these drivers? Are they good drivers? Are the trucks safe? How safe are the contents if spilled into our lives? Are we all living in a toxic soup?

This driver will not talk to the media. His company says that he is a private person.

Someone needs to be talking.

Is the the City of Dallas listening?

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