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Dallas continues it’s dithering…

April 11, 2011

We keep hearing how there are those in Dallas City Hall who want to ‘study the facts’, or ‘keep the politics out’ of the discussion, and other homilies in order to delay a decision on creating a task force to rewrite the Dallas gas ordinance. They just cannot find enough reasons to move forward on this issue. These civic leaders know the truth, they just can’t handle the truth.

Cornell University professors will soon publish research that concludes natural gas produced with a drilling method called “hydraulic fracturing” contributes to global warming as much as coal, or even more. 

The conclusion is explosive because natural gas enjoys broad political support – including White House backing – due to its domestic abundance and lower carbon dioxide emissions when burned than other fossil fuels.

Cornell Prof. Robert Howarth, however, argues that development of gas from shale rock formations produced through hydraulic fracturing – dubbed “fracking” – brings far more methane emissions than conventional gas production.


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