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Overnight thunderstorms create gas drilling nightmare in Arlington

April 11, 2011

I got a surprising “URGENT” email message a few minutes ago. I did not know we had a Chesapeake Energy natural gas drilling site incident last night……

Jane Lynn has asked me to contact the media (she has no electricity) about last night’s events at this site so that they will be present to over this story tomorrow night when council will be in the hot seat while deciding to permit another six wells tomorrow night at this site.  Anybody else reading this that can attend this meeting is urged to ask council NOT to permit anymore wells until we have a handle on how to prevent such releases in close proximity to people.

She called me this morning to tell me that she was treated by 911. Around 2 am last night, during the storm with lighting and winds, there was this transformer sound just prior to losing electricity. After opening her windows, an extremely loud “rocketship/high compression sound” was heard.  911 was already aware of the problem and said Chesapeake was in route to the Fulson site.  The husband drove by the site and confirmed that gas was escaping. He described the smell as the innertube smell from a bicycle.

Raw, unprocessed, natural gas contains benzene (a known carcinogen). Fumes from the uncontrolled site quickly filled her home by the time she ran to close all the windows.

Limiting the public’s exposure to drilling (storm/wildfire/human) accidents is within our city council’s control by enforcing adequate setback, however, Jane Lynn lives at least two blocks north of the site and suffered dizziness and heart pounding.

Paramedics arrived and tried to calm her (assessing that she was having a panic attack). The paramedic commented that this was a highly regulated industry and that west Texas always has that “smell” and that she was “safe”.  Someone needs to tell the uninformed paramedic that this is mostly a self regulated industry (TCEQ’s Permit By Rule) and that toxic BTEX is present in those raw gases.

After the paramedics left, she had uncontrolled coughing. This morning she tells me she is suffering with heart palpitations and is missing work from the trauma of the exposure.

Based on the details I’ve gathered, the proposed one mile setback from schools by the Ft Worth League of Neighborhood to FISD should also be applied to drilling in all businesses and neighborhoods in urban AND rural areas.  Certainly 600 feet is not adequate and council has been allowing variances even to that distance!

  1. Our fire departments need to be equipped with suma canisters. Spectrometers so can take air samples upon dispatch so we do not have to wait up to 12 hours later when TCEQ arrives.
  2. Our paramedics should have the opportunity to draw blood and or urine when they respond to drilling effluent exposures to test for BTEX exposure.
  3. Our city should have a gas drilling official on duty on weekends and in the middle of the night to receive calls from citizens needing to report events.

The public needs to have a way to know what their exposure has been after one of these “incidents” so that they and our city council members can make informed decisions about living/permitting drilling in our towns.

How ironic that yesterday Jane Lynn spoke with a neighbor suffering unexplained health issues since this site has come into their neighborhood.

Story source:Kim Feil, Arlington Texas

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  1. Flamo permalink
    April 13, 2011 1:00 pm

    Kim Feil,

    You posted absolutely no facts about the incident in Arlington. I just got off the phone with the Arlington Fire Dept. 817 459-5535, any one can call to verify what I am about to post. I suggest you do the same then apologize in a retraction for misleading the public.

    During the storm the wellsite lost power, when the pressure exceeded 400 psi the well head went into shut down as designed. This involves closing the wellhead and venting the pressure. Worked great. The noise heard was the gas venting. and the fire dept was called. They notified the gas distribution company who came out to insure everything worked as designed. There was never any danger to the public. The amount of gas vented was only that in the pipe between wellhead and seperator, a vey small amount. No one was treated at the scene and no one was taken to the hospital. I asked specifically about that. From the time of the report to returning to the station was less than 45 minutes. The number for the Arlington fire dept is 817 459-5535. I was also told no toxic spills have been reported. This was not part of any drilling operation. Those are verifiable facts. Now who is tell telling lies, you, Ms Lynn or the fire dept?

    Please put your unfounded opinions and agenda aside, be honest and report facts as they are, not as you wish they are.

  2. Kim Feil permalink
    April 13, 2011 3:56 pm

    There is still a question as to what shut down…the pipeline or the compressors? While that may not be revelant, I contacted four experts in the field to disprove the Star Telegram article that stated “ARLINGTON — The hissing sound some southeast Arlington residents heard early Monday was not a natural gas leak, but water and air pressure being released from a holding tank, a city official said.

    Residents called 911 about 3:30 a.m. reporting loud hissing noises coming from Chesapeake Energy’s Fulson drilling site, west of Texas 360 near Sublett Road, gas well coordinator Maria Carbajal said. Firefighters found that a pressure-relief device, triggered by a shutdown of the natural gas pipeline distribution system during the overnight storm, was releasing built-up air and water pressure from a tank.

    The city found no violations during the inspection, Carbajal said. — Susan Schrock
    One of the experts I contacted emailed our city council here is part of what was said…” No reflection on the reporter. He/she wrote what he/she was told. But
    this is nonsense. First, find someone at the fire department who has
    the knowledge and authority to speak for the gas production
    company. You cannot find one. Second, why didn’t the gas production
    company, whose equipment was hissing for at least tens of minutes
    before being silenced, show up to make a statement to the press?

    Third, the statement issued is nonsense. The hissing was coming from
    the flow lines at the edge of the drilling pad–NOT from a holding
    tank, and it lasted far longer than it would take to bring the
    pressure in the flow lines down to 14.7 psia if they were not being
    fed by gas coming from the Christmas tree through the separators to
    the flow lines. The pressure in the holding tanks is NEVER that
    high. It is always very near atmospheric pressure (14.7 psia). Those
    holding tanks cannot be pressurized to that kind of pressure. They
    would explode.

    The only way that the hissing release could continue for as long as
    it is claimed is if the flow line upsteam from the hissing valve was
    releasing raw natural gas coming from the separators. This would
    require that the Christmas tree valve be open as well.

    Somebody in the press needs to follow up on this.”

    So sir… now that I have the truth about what was in the emission, waiting for the investigation to prove how much and how long was venting will explain how those fumes ended up in Jane’s home and sickened her.

    I wish this was a bad dream….

    Cheasapeake was saying the safety features kicked in as designed and that the natural gas dissapates immediately.

    I’m sorry but anytime residents breathe in an emission event laced with benzne and VOC’s, that is not a successful avoidance of danger…that is called exposure!

    I’ll leave you with a quote from Jane…“Kim, do you realize that if I would have searched for a match to light a candle, that our house could have exploded? I now see how close to death we came, but I guess it is not yet our time. Now I am even more terrified to live here”.

  3. Kim Feil permalink
    April 13, 2011 4:09 pm

    Hey Fameo O, I never reported that anyone went to the hospital or that there was a spill of any sort or that drilling was taking place…did you “wish” I stated those things? So please be more specific to my alleged “agenda” and be more specific to tell me where I have mis-staked facts so I know what I am apologizing for? You can cut and paste the sentence(s) and put them in quotes and spell them out for me. Thank you

    PS the city will have the archives of the city council meeting last night that this was discussed and voted on. There were three people who testified about the events (four including the firechief) and at least two people say that the spewing went on for over an hour-even up to an hour and a half.

  4. Flamo permalink
    April 15, 2011 5:23 pm

    Kim, please excuse me for being so late in responding… Those Honeydos are killers. I thought I had worded my initial response to you better. My comments were what the fire dept told me, all of what they told me to keep that conversation in contex. If you misunderstood what I was trying to convey I will aplogize for that.Let me try to explain to you the events and understand the EPA had to approve any intentional realease of gas. In the event of an event such as a power failure a system is in place to prevent an uncontrolled pressure build or release. When the pressure hits 400 psi a disk is designed to rupture and release built up pressure. When this happens the wellhead is shutdown, the pressure bleed off is only in the gas line between the well head and seperator. This is a designed safety measure and it worked as designed. Again EPA approved. The system doesn’t dump that pressure all at once, its much like getting a nail in a tire, its a slow controlled release that dispurses the gas in a safe manor. The release orfice is extremely small thus the noise and time. According to the fire dept the public was never in any danger. The amount of the release was miniscule. It wasn’t millions of cu feet, more than likely less than 2 cu feet.

    Now let’s get to the heart of the matter. I am pro-drilling. You on the other hand are anti drilling. This country cannot survive without cheap energy. I was a proponent of nukes until what happened in Japan. I now have second thoughts. It appears the GE reactors have serious designed flaws. But that is another topic.. Please call a third party who doesn’t have an agenda for reliable data. The fire dept will have to deal with any incidents so I would imagine they have all info possible. Also in your reporting you neglected to state if MS Lynn was pro or anti drilling. Also the same thing happened at about the same time in Dalworthing Gardens. Again EPA approved. Your reporting was biased and lacked critical facts such as amount of gas, no danger to the public, worked as designed and was EPA approved. The way you reported it, it appeared to the uninformed it was a major disastor. As for liting a match, any spark including a pilot or flipping a light switch would have set it off. The smell was residual. The gas was long gone and well dispursed before it left the wellsite. Like gasoline, the smell carries and lingers but there is nothing left to burn. Thus my request for an apology stands for biased reporting and not including all related facts which distorted the event.

  5. April 15, 2011 8:24 pm

    @Flamo: Excuse me. I don’t think Kim Feil owes anyone an apology. She was doing what any citizen should do when learning about dangerous sounds and smells coming from gas drilling operations so close to homes and people. We should all Thank God for Kim Feil.

    The arrogance of this industry continues to astound me. Our homes are no longer our castles…they are simply sitting on top of a gas reservoir and we’re supposed to take whatever comes our way without any discussion about any of it. It’s our “patriotic” duty to just lease our property to strange men and women who knock on our door (even if we don’t want to lease our mineral property) and then live on top of well bores that will be fracked for years to come, and/or near gas wells and industrial zones like everything is life as usual.

    Well, life is not “as usual.” What is it with some people that they have to declare they are pro or con on an issue??? When does it EVER make sense to be Pro anything that is potentially harmful to our health and safety??

    Based on what you’ve written, it’s doubtful you live anywhere near gas well operations. Some people are surrounded by these industrial zones. So, please just tend to your Honeydo List. And come back when a gas well leaks or explodes very near your castle in the middle of the night.

    I do want to hear about that “Honeydo” List. Hopefully, that one won’t kill ya, either, darlin’.

  6. Bob M permalink
    April 15, 2011 10:12 pm

    I am still trying to understand the pro-drilling angle. Is it acceptable to poison my air, water, and soil in exchange for cheap energy? I don’t think the cheap energy will do any good if we can’t breathe, grow food, or drink water.

    The best part is the gas companies couldn’t care less about providing this country with energy. They will sell it to the highest bidder and ship it overseas if it’s more profitable.

  7. Flamo permalink
    April 16, 2011 12:12 am

    Excuse me, I have been on many drill sites, I was in the oil patch in Victoria. I have also been on the drill sites in the Arlington area. I took pictures a few years back of the drilling operation in Mansfield. Unlike many I don’t take talking points as gospel. I did call the Arlington Fire Dept and asked for the details. If you did the same you’d know what I know. I doubt very much if they would lie to me. The have no dog in this fight other than to protect the public. The EPA had to approve drilling, distribution and safety proceedures. As for some one being pro or con of drilling has alot to due with perception. I will site an incident with an Arlington City Council meeting whena lady, opposed to drilling, spoke of a drilling explosion. What actually happened was a contractor with a back hoe was digging several feet from where he was supposed to be. Nothing to do with drilling. Now, who do you believe, somebody on this blog or the fire dept?

    Where as the caller did was right. She heard a strange noise and reported it. What followed was wrong, Only the facts that fit the reporter’s agaenda were reported and having no knowledge of what proceedures were involved and why the story was distorted by ommision of real facts. It seems when I posted the real facts, no based on my knowledge but on a reliable source and you can’t refute those facts you get on my case. Refute the facts. Monday, call the AFD at 817 459-5535. My home is than 2000 feet from a well site and I have the utmost confidence in the the drilling and distribution safe guards in place. Not only does their record speak for itself but knowing the city council I know they have every precaution possible in place. With close to 2000 wells drilled and being drilled you can only find this single incident? In the words of the fire dept spokesman, there was and is no danger to the public. You have no facts to backup you position. This website is anti-drilling and with all of the subscribers just how many searched for the facts, called the AFD? Now who do we believe, a reporter who has an agenda and repoted at best a slanted story or the officials at the AFD who was not only on the scene but has knowledge of the operation? Would the fire dept allow wells to remain on line if there was any danger? I did my research now its time for you to do yours.

  8. Kim Feil permalink
    April 16, 2011 8:27 pm

    U tire me Flamo. U do have a real name don’t you?
    1) spill in Lake Arlington last July
    2) Pantego has migration of produced water from new wells to old
    3) Dalworthington Garden had some kind of valve failure event
    4) Ft Worth frack tank spill at university
    5) UTA spill see youtube “UTA Spill”
    6) UTA woman within 600ft tested positive for BTEX, TCEQ issued Carizzo a violation
    7) The Fulson site had a valve release event last month -maybe even the same well (I thing there are two wells on this site so far)

    As for the council haivng every precaution in place….one look at the future gas drilling ordinance as I understand it to be extremely weak in air quality public protections and the precautions you must be referring to is to protect the driller pocket book.

    I will never apologize for reporting that a citizen claimed to have smelled fumes and was sickened and had 911 come to her home to check her out. Then she had post exposure symptoms the following morning.

    These drill sites get rubber stamped and the EPA has no claim to have given any blessing that this drill site is safe for the public.

    The Railroad comission is severly understaffed and the majority of these drillsite are under the PBR. You do knwo what that is don’t you?

    These sites are self monitored and self regualted for the most part. All they have to do is to report to the TCEQ (you do know what that stands for?) and say that they are under 25 tons of VOC’s per year and no one from TCEQ is obligated to come out to verify that.

    The Star Telegram and the Arlington Citizen has two stories on this Fulson site event during the storm. The Star Telegram first incorrectly reported WHAT was in the emissions and then the second report after the council meeting when they approved six more wells had a correcting story that it was natural gas that was in the emissions and not water under pressure which was first reported.

    This attempt at a cover up is WHAT was being spewed is outrageous! Now what I see is trying to be covered up is HOW MUCH and for HOW LONG this spewed into the neighborhood.

    The investigation is underway and those production records and other equipment can tell us later so for now. Go find those stories and enjoy the pictures I submitted of one of at least two dead hawks near that drilling site found after the storm…..poor dead birds.

  9. April 16, 2011 11:55 pm

    @Flamo: Did you leave out a word when you said, “My home is than 2000 feet from a well site and I have the utmost confidence in the the drilling and distribution safe guards in place.”

    That’s kind of interesting that you left out “more than” or “less than.” So, what is it? Anywhere around 2,000 feet is better than my neighbors in Westchester Valley who are 500 feet from a drilling site. Count yourself safer than many in the Barnett. But I’m concerned about that Freudian typo. What neighborhood are you referring to? We know where the sites are…so which one?

  10. Flamo permalink
    April 17, 2011 10:35 pm

    My home is near the Lake Arlington Baptist Church. I won’t go through point by point. I will say you have no comprehension of drilling or distribution. Let’s put the cards on the table. I am pro drilling, pro coal when done properly, pro oil and until a new design, new regs and used rod disposal is acquired I am anti nukes. Wind and solar don’t produce enough and are not reliable. This from some one who was very pro nukes until I saw what is happening in Japan. I suspect you are anti drilling under almost any condition, against coal and oil and think nukes have no place on the planet. That leaves very little, how do we survive on the 2% wind and solar provide?
    I knew the question would come about spills and according to the AFD there have been NO spills in Arlington. As for Fort Worth, I don’t know. But spills have to reported and a HAZMAT report has to be done. Spills depending on the nature and volume of the spill.
    As for the city council. It was their recommendation that any wells less than 600 but more than 300 feet be bought back to them. Mayor Cluck is a doctor and at his urging you cannot smoke on hospital grounds, not even in your car in the furthest point in the parking lot. He as well as members of council are very versed in drilling, If you what I know and they know you’d also know about dispersion and dilution. We have huge reserves of gas in AK and a pipeline negotiated with Canada by the former gov of AK but our congress won’t allow drilling. So now we dill close to home. Let me ask you this, would you prefer US companies drilling between Cuba and FL or the Chinese? Somebody is going to drill for that oil and gas, would like like the Chinese to drill near your home to pay some of ehat we owe them? Not so far fetched, If we are broke, with no economy due to lack of energy and the Chinese demand payment then what? Can you afford gas at $5 a gallon or electricity at $.30 kwh or more? So what is your alternative to drilling, gas oil and coal? WHere are the HAZMAT reports? Why didn’t the AFD tell me there were no spills. Did you measue the distance from the wellhead to anybody’s home or was it a guesstimate? Verifiable facts please. The AFD is verifiable as are HAZMAT reports.

  11. Kim Feil permalink
    April 17, 2011 10:57 pm

    It doesn’t surprise me that the fire dept doesn’t know about las July’s spill into Lake Arlington on the Ft Worth side. Do an open records request or watch the city council archives whent he mayor found out about it…priceless look on his face. LeBlanc brought it all up by “accident” or we’d never found out.

    I’ve had the Pantego fire chief and an Arlington fireman tell me I know more than they do about drilling. I’m not bragging, it’s jus the line of questioning I gave them led to their admittance.

    I’m done talking with you. I’ve got too many fires to put out with trying to communicate the illnesses in the gas patch that are being reveiled to me.

    Try it …go ask an acquaintance or even a stranger if thye live near a drill site. Then casually ask how their health has been. Don’t ask them if they’ve had unexplained nosebleeds or irregular heartbeats, unusally long lasting headaches, or feelings of anxiety/skitzing for no reason. Don’t ask them if they’ve felt like crashing out in the middle of the day feeling like the life has been sucked out of them.

    If they volunteer they’ve been in the hospital, I bet if it was a teenager you were interviewing, they ended up with an IV drip and had a high fever with enlarged lymph glands in their necks.

    But knowing you are pro-drilling, you won’t go there.

  12. Flamo permalink
    April 17, 2011 11:10 pm

    Here’s a site you might want to check out. I’d say its fair and mostly accurate, Over 99% of fracking fluid is sand and water. This by the US gvt.

  13. You All Tire Me permalink
    April 20, 2011 10:41 pm

    If you do not want wells in your area, why did you all sign leases? Did you think it was all fun and games? There is a reason they pay you for the mineral and surface rights. If you do not own your mineral rights, sorry, not much legally to stand on. Take it up with the owner of the mineral rights that signed the lease. Maybe you could pay them not to allow drilling. IF YOU SIGNED THE LEASE, SHAME ON YOU FOR COMPLAINING NOW. If you send the money back, I think you have the right to complain, otherwise, you made your bed. As far as the visual issues, have you bothered to drive around downtown or the 360 area? If you live in Grand Prairie, you have even less to complain about. I would hardly say the well sites are the most hideous uses of land (try Abrams or Division if you do not believe me.) If you really want to scare yourself, check the benzene at every gas station. Make sure you are reading a benzene monitor not the infrared camera they showed on the news and passed it off as measuring benzene (yes, I watched the story.) I am not stating I am for or against the wellsites as I can find valid reasons both for and against, but I cannot believe the lack of knowledge being pushed on people. Please , just use a little common sense before believing everything you read and making comments that have no basis. Everyone knows there are two sides to every story. The facts, I am sure, lie in the middle of what was reported by the news media and what the lady having heart attacks and on her death bed are telling. I am all for a good debate, but lets at least have an informed one.

  14. Kim Feil permalink
    April 21, 2011 11:06 am

    Hello Flamo, “The release orfice is extremely small thus the noise and time.” Do you have a diameter for that opening? If you know the make or model of the separator, I can research through the mfg what that opening is. Thanks
    PS…This first 911 call immediately following the loud release was not dispatched, so the system DID NOT work and the public was put at additional risk in prolonging the situation. It may have taken the fired dept at total of 45 min to respond and be back, but an hour and a half is what is being reported by at least two people near the site. One close enough to smell the sweet aramatic hydrocarbons including benzene and the other one getting a different “dirty” smell who was two blocks away. Then there was the guy who went there and video taped the event that the TCEQ guy interviewed.

    Since you so trust that our city council is very informed about dispersion, I have two questions? How come folks could SMELL the event (exposure?) and how come Councilman LeBlanc said TCEQ came quickly yet it was the next day when they arrived?

    You are going out on a limb speaking for them. I just questioned a city offical who tells me that they have no one parsing news stories about other drilling events and drilling topics that need to be sent ot council for their dissimination. I was told that some “associations” the BSEEC? sends them some informative new stories…H A! Anyway you should be so lucky that these anti drilling blog spots have the morality to volunteer their time and have NO FINANCIAL INTERESTS at stake like these industry thugs do.

    What motivates us is the T R U T H…something who obviously are blinded to and let me guess you are getting royalties for being near drilling?

    Well unfortunately so would I…but nothing in life is FREE, there is a price for selling out your air and water quality. Unfortunately when we signed our mineral lease we were lied to.


    If you do not have any financial incentative to be defending what happened to Jane Lynn and her neighborhood, tell me why U R so objectectable to us reporting it?

    I’m just checking to see if you ahve a conscience?

    Speaking of royalties, how much is your checks? One Pantego resident got $300 last year for one well that is now off line. Those checks are at an ever decreasing rate.

    Every new hole drilled is like an addict getting that first high (royalty), and then once the effectiveness wears off (royalties dimish), the drillers have bills to pay and so they hedge god knows what and puts new holes in the ground to pay for the old ones and so the ponzi scheme continues.

    The financial mess will burst on the natural gas industry, yes even with oil over $100 a barrel.

    The new extraction method is more costly and does yield more gas but it only yields more gas INITALLY…that honey moon phase (on average 5 years) for this need to re-frack ($$$) will soon be rearing it’s ugly head and then the poop hits the fan and the public will be left with the damage done. You cannot undig these wells and you certaininly cannot build over them and who the hell would want to invest in any business or residential endeavor near these?

  15. Flamo permalink
    April 21, 2011 4:50 pm

    My info on the orfice came from the fire dept. Call them. As for dercreasing checks, that’s true. As the well pressure decreases less gas is extracted. As the gas co told us BEFORE signing the first year is best and wells produce 5 to 10 years. I have gotten no royalties yet as none of the wells on the LABC are one line, no wells are completed. I got a check for the initial signing and a check for the option, over $9,000 combined. According to a Cabot Drilling official last night on TV fracking fluid, 99+% sand and water, is being change to eco friendly addatives. He didn’t elaborate. WHen in Victoria, TX I did work for companies that built seperators and pump jacks. They are generally small companies and when the boom dies they die as well. Back to the orfice, that size would depend on pressue and volume, I doubt if it would a standard one size fits all. As for the spill in the lake, I couldn’t find a HAZMAT report on it. As a fomer Waste Management Employee and current holder of a CDL I am familar with what happens if you don’t report a spill and fill out a report.
    Let me ask you this, if not gas, what? We, the US has the biggest energy reserves in the world according to what was on TV last night. (Coal, oil, and natural gas) Exxon is deloping a way to get CO2 out of gas, why aren’t we spending money on that instead of ethanol that according to several enviromentalists was a mistake. If wind is the answer why doesn’t Pelosi push for it in her back yard? Or the Kennedys? I told you before I was a nuke fan but Japan taught me a lesson. I am wondering if is strickly a GE design Flaw. TMI had a meltdown and was totally contained. I’ll wait for the official report before I judge. Again, if not gas what do we use for cheap energy?

  16. Kim Feil permalink
    April 21, 2011 11:25 pm

    While action to build sustainable energy fgids over 30 years ago was not taken, we are now in a race to not be cut off when making a switch. The bridge fuel is having it’s big share of problems.

    While I don’t claim to have the answers, micro algae that the movie “Fuel” introduces to the world seems to be a great bio/diesel fuel that oil and gas companies can grow at their facilites.

  17. Flamo permalink
    April 22, 2011 2:07 am

    The Discovery CHannel did a segment on Algae. It is being tried but it is far from practical now. A small power plant would take 2000 acres to process all of the CO2 emitted. It also has to be refined for use. They are using CO2 created in MN then put under pressure to not only release oil from a Canadian oil field but it sequestures the CO2 forever. They are extending the life of that oil fiels by 40 years. They are also working on coal gasification but I don’t know how successful that will be. As for totally electric cars that’s a lost cause. I’d rather see an onboard hydrogen system. You might want to look into ‘Brown Gas’ It increases mileage using water.

  18. Kim Feil permalink
    April 22, 2011 8:44 am

    Now we are talking. I will look into brown gas. Currently I’m distracted from my gas fight cause I’m haggling with the local health dept that tests our local milk supplies for radiation from Japan. The problem is getting the same answer from the same organization. One says they are sending samples to Austin but are not sure when this started. Another says they test for radiation quarterly. Some news says it’s here and another says it neglible when compared to long term exposure, yet the Japan fix is a semi long term deal, and so I’m trying to see if I need to alter my families diet. My 14 year old loves the hell out of milk and drank what I hope is his last glass last night until I get some facts. Also another story popped up about cows exposure to the radiation in the drilling waste/produced water.

    I’m not sure we are talking about the same algae application. Last night CNBC covered the movie called “Fuel”. If acreage is a problem at the plants, all the acres that have been drilled for natural gas and the future real estate already bought up or leased for future drilling minus well use adjacent acreage for algae crops, however I am not sure how water intensive it is. Between the need for traditional water use and now the use for fracking, I cannot see another industry cropping up that may need even more water.

    Hope you have a good day, I’m surprised me and Ben Zene haven’t much to do on Earth Day, but my son is in from LSU and so I’ll have some family time…for a change.

  19. Flamo permalink
    April 22, 2011 1:10 pm

    Have a great Easter weekend with your family. Time for both of us to take a little time off and appreciate and give thanks for the blessings bestowed upon us. A thought hit me last night. Are the fracking companies overlooking the obvious? A few years back we had a fire at a WM recyling facility. The Dallas FD was adding liquid to the water they were using. I asked what it was and why. The fireman told me it was dish soap. It made the water wetter and allowed the water to penetrate deeper into burning trash. I have the thought that the same principles should apply to fracking as it will allow the wetter water water to penetrate deeper. Just a thought.
    Although we may disagree on many issues I appreciate people like you as you in many cases keep officials looking over their shoulder to enforce or modify regulations.
    Anyway, enjoy you family this week end.


  20. Kim Feil permalink
    April 22, 2011 3:17 pm

    You and yours have a blessed weekend too!

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