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We endorse Angela Hunt!

April 26, 2011

No other Dallas city council member has had more affect on the future of Dallas than Angela Hunt. Known to many as probably the smartest member of the city council, she has continued to ask the right questions and taken stands where others were too nervous or watching the polling stats to do so.

It was back in 2008, when the shale gas drilling issue first raised it’s ugly head. At the city council briefing, Ms. Hunt and former member city council member Rasansky raised questions about the ‘integrity, health and safety issues’ involved with this decision. She knew that this was a bad deal for the entire city even with the$34 million down payment from the industry just to get their foot in the door for future development. You can read what she said back in 2008 by CLICKING HERE

Swimming against the tide has always been Ms. Hunt’s strongest asset and to date rarely has she been wrong. There will be citizens, and media outlets who will be stunned at some of her decisions but only after careful research and thought does she make her final vote. As in most groups, there are those who are envious of this type of leadership but rarely is it matched. Never one to seek the spotlight, she goes to great lengths to make sure that ‘it’s not about her’ but instead the issue at hand. She was the one and only council member to ask the city council to consider creating a gas drilling task force for the entire city. The city council member who does have potential drilling in his district continued to bob and weave on the issue and never took a stand. Only after he saw this as an election year problem, did he jump on her team to ask the city to make a move towards a task force.

In the final analysis, we need more leaders in city hall like Angela Hunt who are willing to ask the hard, intelligent questions and not to be afraid of losing votes from the residents or financial support from those outside of their districts.

We applaud her ‘no guts no glory’ approach to civic government and look forward to having her on the city council for another term. A vote for Angela Hunt will do much to ‘shift the power’ in the right direction. We endorse Angela Hunt and those who live in District 14 need to do the same.

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