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Let it Flow

April 27, 2011

To read this report: CLICK HERE

The Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project in conjuction with Earthworks has just published an easy to read, easy to understand booklet on the hazards of ‘living amongst the wells’ no matter what part of the country you live.

It is very important that you read through this and listen to the people whose lives have been forever changed by the exploration of shale gas drilling. After you read this, hopefully you will be changed too. Changed enough that you will contact your mayor, your city council, your state representatives, your congresspeople.

Some will say that we are playing with politics on this issue. We say, on this issue that politicians are playing with our lives, our families lives, and their families lives. So many of our civic representatives have been counseled that this is a harmless industry and that no where is there any documentation of it afflicting people’s lives. The industry is wrong, and they are lying. The politicians, should know better.

Read this, then you will know. You need to pass it along. Let it flow amongst the people.

Because, we all breathe the same air, and we all drink the same water.


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