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HELP! The Gas Industry Wants to Harm Us!

April 28, 2011

Right now in the halls of the Texas state capital, the oil and gas industry is trying to buy out, pay off, and squeeze our state leaders into a horrific house bill. Known as HB3105, this bill would allow the industry to strip municipalities of all authority to regulate oil and gas development. That means industry will do everywhere like they are doing in Cleburne, Texas: buy up old buildings, demolish them and put up a drilling rig. If passed, the cities don’t matter anymore and neither will you or your family.

Texas State Rep. Stefani Carter has been helping with this bill. She is not right! What is wrong with this representative? She needs to hear from you. CLICK HERE

If this passes, they can move in tomorrow and no task force or city laws can stop them. We need to stop them now. You gotta call or email NOW!

You can find who represents you by CLICKING THIS

Here’s the Texas Energy Resource Committee: CLICK THIS

See what’s current with the bill: CLICK HERE

As you can see, there were some absent votes. We should all call Dallas Rep Stefani Carter’s office…(512) 463-0454 and ask her to help ‘kill this bill’.

We were just told that she helped to bring this bill to life! What the frack is wrong with her?

Call Ms. Carter now. Tell her, she should know better.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 28, 2011 3:22 pm

    Stefani Carter (R-Dallas) voted FOR bringing this horrific bill out of the Energy Resources Committee. Just talked with her office in Austin. What’s the matter with her??!!!

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