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Stefani Carter Has Gas

April 29, 2011

Stefani Carter, Republican Texas State Representative has ‘gas’. Actually, Stefani has the gas industry in her handbag. She has ‘gas’ so bad that it makes her behave in the worst of possible ways. Apparently, her piggy bank is so stuffed with income from Chief Oil and Gas that she has decided to cross over to the polluters team and attempt to help pass House Bill 3105 down in Austin.

This bill would allow the oil and gas industry to roll over all municipalities and install their infrastructure when ever and where ever they want. If you want to see the proof, CLICK HERE

It’s a sad day when a neophyte such as Stefani in our state government doing so much harm to not only her region but to the entire state of Texas. We assume that those checks from Chief Oil and Gas are just too tempting so that they can provide all the revenue needed in order to return to North Dallas and do some serious shopping.

Last week the Dallas city council made a bold step in the right direction to create a gas drilling task force. If Stefani gets her way, all bets are off. No task force will matter, no city will be able to say no to the industry. Stefani’s district does cover those Dallas city council members who own oil and gas stock like Dallas mayoral candidate, Ron Natinsky. Her district also overlaps into Dallas city council member, Jerry Allen who really does not want a task force and to quote Jerry, just wants to ‘git ‘er done’ and over with. ‘Ol Jerry does not want to spend the money or the time to strengthen the Dallas gas ordinance, and apparently Stefani has his back.

To see her district map: CLICK HERE

You can see how her district map covers Dallas city council members, Koop,Margolin, Natinsky, Allen and Kadane. Linda Koop has been chosen to be on the committee to help form the Dallas task force. Good for her. We approve. But let’s ask the other city council members just what they think about Stefani’ attempts to bring contamination into Dallas. Will they say,’that’s our Stefani!’ or not?

Stefani should know better. This new representative who grew up in Plano, Texas and somehow is now representing North Dallas is not doing us any favors. We can only hope that she solves her gas problem by helping to kill this bill. Not doing so, only shows that she is on the payroll and the side of the polluters. We do not need representation like this.

To quote the great Maya Angleou: ‘when you know better, you do better.’ Stefani just doesn’t know better. What do the Dallas citycouncil members think of Stefani?

To see Stefani’s web page: CLICK HERE


Capitol Address:

Room E2.702, Capitol Extension
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
(512) 463-0454
(512) 463-1121 Fax

North Dallas District Address:

7616 LBJ Freeway suite 675
Dallas, Tx 75251
Line 1: 972-661-9649
Line 2: 972-661-9679
972-661-1338 Fax

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 29, 2011 11:59 am

    The Fiscal Notes for HB 3105 you have linked to imply that municipalities will “suffer” from citizen lawsuits when cities impose more strict ordinances on drilling.

    Hogwash! That makes it sound as if HB 3105 is just trying to “take care” of cities. Well, that is simply NOT TRUE. The only people who may file lawsuits are “large” landowners and city ordinances are put in place to protect the many not the few. Home Rule should trump mineral interests.

    These Fiscal Notes on this bill should be read with a great BIG grain of Salt.

    Just say NO to HB 3105!!

  2. May 4, 2011 2:15 am

    Republicans tell you lies about how they abhor Big Government, about how they want government out of our lives, how we deserve the right to determine our own destiny locally according to community whims and a lot of other bullshit pablum that lacks any credibility.

    Need proof? HB 3105 seeks to eliminate local control over gas well drilling and give it to an appointed state beauracy that is not answerable to the citizens so that an agency that is stocked with shills for the oil and gas industry can authorize drilling in your backyard, harm your health, devalue your property, destroy your water, air and soil and then sell you the products of their efforts for exhorbitant prices to fatten their coffers and increase shareholder equity without your having a word to say about it.

    They also try to tell us who we can or cannot marry, what we can or cannot do with our bodies, subject us to warrantless wiretaps, invasive body scanners at airports and all manner of other intrusions into our daily lives at the very same time they tell you that they believe in less government.

    They tell you that they believe in lower taxes, but what they really mean is that they believe in lower taxes for the wealthy and corporations while they inflict constantly rising higher taxes on us at the local and state levels in the form of fee increases for auto registration, auto inspections, entrance fees at state and national parks, higher property taxes, ad infinitum.

    Republicans are the American NAZI Party. They are practicing the exact same Fascist ideology of Fritz Thyssen and Krupp Steel Works, the supporters and puppeteers of Hitler in 1930’s and 40’s Germany. They never tell the truth, and they practice Joseph Goebbels’ philosophy of the Big Lie – tell a lie often enough and loudly enough until people eventually begin to actually believe it is true.

    And, Democrats are only marginally better, viewing the world through myopic, rose-colored glasses while selling us out to the very same corporate interests. The major difference between the two parties is that Democrats tend to be more socialist rather than Fascist.

    These things happen in America because most of our citizens are too lazy, uneducated and uninvolved to care until it is too late. We get the government that we deserve because we elect it, and then we fail to keep it in check, allowing it to do whatever it wants to do. Nikita Kruschev once stated that the Soviet Union would not need to conquer America, that we would fall from within because of our own greed and stupidity, and by god he was absolutely correct!

    HB 3105 is a direct assault on the concept of Home Rule. It robs us of local control over industrial processes that pollute our air, water and soil. It prevents local government from acting in the best interest of local citizens and allows those who do not live here to harm us for their own benefit.

    Rep. Stefani Carter (R-Dallas) is pressing HB 3105 for House passage. The bill has moved out of committee without amendments, and is currently awaiting consideration by the full Texas House of Representatives. Rep. Cater is the lapdog of the oil and gas industry, her campaign was bought and paid for by Chief Oil and Gas, among others, to do their bidding, which includes stopping the City of Dallas from creating a gas drilling task force and then taking actions to block gas well drilling in the city.

    Now, if Republican Stefani Carter believes in smaller government and keeping local control over matters that are important to local citizens, then why is she pushing a bill that takes away ALL local control and gives it to unelected bureaucrats who are owned by the oil and gas industry? The answer is simple – Stefani Carter is a liar who is doing what Chief Oil and Gas has paid her to do – steal our rights of self-determination so that THEY can make a lot of money at our expense.

    If you voted for Stefani Carter, then you are a part of the problem. If you are not opposing Stefani Carter, then you are a part of the problem. If you are ignorant about HB 3105 and what it does to usurp local control over gas well drilling, then you are a part of the problem.

    So, are you part of the problem, or are you part of the solution? Oppose Stefani Carter and HB 3105 vigorously, and DO IT NOW!

  3. Flower Mound Resident permalink
    May 5, 2011 1:58 pm

    I wonder how close Rep. Carter lives to a gas well site? Come move to Flower Mound, one of the communites you’re trying to screw with this special interest crap legislation.

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