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Thumpin’ for gas

May 4, 2011

Police escort on Interstate 20

Thumper Monitoring Equipment on Interstate 20

Thumper trucks looking for gas

The gas industry is determined to find the gas. No task force plans, no current city regulations can stop them for looking for the gas. These pictures were taken about 12 noon today, May 4 on Interstate 20 just east of Mountain Creek Parkway just before the Spur 408 exit on the outskirts of Dallas going east.  This area encompasses Dallas and Duncanville. The City of Dallas cannot afford to waste any time. With a police escort, these trucks have monitors that sit on the earth and begin the seismic testing called, ‘thumping’.

The plans for a gas drilling task force must be expedited, election or not, and the gas industry will not wait. The gas industry does not play fair.        

Scared yet?

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  1. May 5, 2011 12:48 pm

    And now, TODAY: The seismic testing antennas are placed all along I20 to the East…in the Mountain Creek residential area and to the West near Carrier in GP (all of this in Dallas County and the City of Dallas). They’re doing what they do so well as they pose as a “utility.” Taking pictures of our property below the surface, dropping the thousand pound weights to the ground to shake the Earth without our knowledge and without compensation. They just do all of this without apology and without a care in the world.

    The shale gas operators can take an x-ray of our property without our permission and then turn around and have an advantage in any negotiations for leasing the minerals if it comes to that.

    Time to Wake Up and realize that this stuff is not business as usual…it’s scary business that has no place in our civilized society.

  2. Flower Mound Resident permalink
    May 5, 2011 1:54 pm

    A police escort? Seriously? For any private property owner who has equipment placed on their property without permission, throw it in the street. When I did this, the thugs came back and said, “Do you know how much that cost?” I said, “Put it in my yard again and I’ll throw it onto a busier street.” Then I said, “Get off MY property NOW or I”ll call the cops and my attorney.” I never saw them again. Sometimes you just have to stand-up to the bully.

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