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Dallas County Court Commission Rules!

May 10, 2011


This morning we were thrilled to personally witness the Dallas County Court Commissioners adopt the resolution to help  North Texas clean up our dirty air. Dallas county is one of many municipalities who have joined together in asking the TCEQ to require the gas drilling industry to contribute to cleaning our air by reducing volatile organic compounds by 130 tons A DAY! Every major industry in North Texas has already done their ‘fair share’ in the past except for one industry. The shale gas industry. On June 8th, with  many city government backing, the TCEQ will make the wise move to begin the process whereas the gas drilling industry will be required to submit plans to help reduce the VOC’s in our area.

County Judge Clay Jenkins was the one who proposed the resolution this morning along with several personal comments of his own. Judge Jenkins remarked how asthma is the #1 leading illness for North Texas school children. Wonder why? Then he commented how in years past he knew of the effects of the Midlothian cement kilns dirty processes that was killing area rabbits and fire ants. To paraphrase the judge,’you know it’s bad when the air is killing fire ants, so you can imagine what it’s doing to humans.’ Commissioner Price also commented how this issue is very a important and serious issue for everyone living in the Barnett Shale.

Leading this morning’s ‘thank you’ group was Jim Schermbeck from Downwinders at Risk, Molly Rooke from Dallas Sierra Club, Cherelle Blazer from Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project, and Raymond Crawford from Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling. Once again, Jim Schermbeck has knocked another ‘home run’ out of the park with his leadership in the effort to clean the air in Texas. Last night, Dish Texas was the first city government to formally adopt the same resolution. Dallas County is number two in the lineup with others to follow. Read about it: CLICK HERE

Never has it been this easy to ask a local government to step in, consider, and then adopt a stance that is telling the gas industry, we all breathe the same air and we all drink the same water. This entire process took about 10 days to accomplish from start to finish. Now, if only Dallas City Hall was this easy to educate on the issue without having back room negotiations, wheels and deals, and arm twisting.

To read the resolution: CLICK HERE


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