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HB3328:Smoke and Mirrors

May 12, 2011

HB 3328 is on the move right now in Austin. It has come out of the House and is headed to the Senate for passage. While on the surface this looks really good and honest, it is anything but that. If approved, the driller would have to report the contents of their ‘additives’ to the Texas Railroad Commission. BUT, if the the driller says that the recipe is a trade secret, it can ask the commission to keep the contents a big secret.

It would then be up to the state attorney general to decide if the ‘trade secret’ is legitimate or not. Since he has received over $3 million in campaign cash from the gas industry in the past, we think we know what his answer would be. Yesterday, the Republican majority House approved the measure on a voice vote. After one more procedure, the vote goes to the Senate.

Read what the Texas Tribune thinks about this:CLICK HERE

You can ask the author of the bill to stop, rewrite the bill to it’s original language and require FULL disclosure, no loopholes. The author is State Rep Jim Keffer, also Chair of the Energy Resource Committee: CLICK HERE

You can also ask the Vice Chair of the Energy Resource Committee, Myra Crownover to do the same: CLICK HERE

You can see who represents you by CLICKING HERE and asking them to do the same.

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