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Angela Hunt: Another win, another term, hallelujah!

May 15, 2011

Dallas got another win last night with  her constituent’s overwhelming support of Angela Hunt to come back and continue the job in District 14. Once again, the residents know who has their back when it comes to making it a better district for eveyone to live.

Angela has often been the lone voice on the Dallas city council for major issues such as the volatile shale gas drilling proposals in Dallas. Since 2008, she was the only one to openly discuss the dysfunction of the city government who knowingly created a difficult situation by accepting $34 million dollars as a down payment to drill in Dallas without any discussion amongst the council or public input. She was right then, and still is today.

Since that time, she was the first on the council and  has been the leading advocate for the city to create a gas drilling task force to study the issue so that the city can tear apart the current gas ordinance and rewrite it in order to benefit everyone in Dallas. As of today, that task force is being formed.

We congratulate Angela Hunt on her win and we look forward to working with her in the future.

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