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Dennis the Menace wants to take away your property rights

May 28, 2011

That’s him. Dennis ‘the Texas menace’ Bonnen. This Texas legislator has helped with an amendment  by being a part of the conferees, that would take away our property rights as a citizen. That is SB875: TO SEE THE BILL, CLICK HERE Why? Because he is beholden to the gas industry. Not only that, he has TWO ethics violations against him.  The man has no ethics!

To see violation number 1: CLICK HERE

To see violation number 2: CLICK HERE

To make matters worse, Dennis the Menace Bonnen also has a BIG piggy bank full of cash that he has received from industry over time. Now how do you think he’s going to vote with all that dirty money in his piggy bank? If you want to see what’s in the piggy bank, CLICK HERE

The Denton Record Chronicle quoted attorney, Kirk Claunch:

“I can’t think of any piece of legislation that’s more un-American than one that deprives a private property owner of the right to defend themselves against abuses from a big oil company or anybody else,” Claunch said. “This is law that essentially says we are going to let the oil and gas industry do whatever it needs and to run over anybody that gets in its way without any consequence.”

Attorney Scott Houston said:

The Bonnen amendment “essentially gives any polluter who is in compliance with a state or federal permit an affirmative defense to a lawsuit for polluting,” said Scott Houston, general counsel for the Texas Municipal League, which opposes the bill. For example, Houston said, an industrial plant may be allowed under its state permit to release a certain amount of chemicals.

SB 875 turns that on its head – it makes a permit a “get out of jail free” card.

No matter what the gas driller (or other permit holder) does — if they’re holding a government permit, they can’t be held accountable under Texas nuisance law.

If SB 875 becomes law, that is.

Pollution from industry can trespass onto your property all day and night, pollute it, make your family sick, kill your livestock, and industry only has to say “I was just following my permit or rule.”

For the full Denton Record Chronicle article: CLICK HERE

This menace to the entire state of Texas is not worthy of his job and most likely should rethink what he does as a legislator while he has some time in his position left. We cannot think of many legislators who are in the midst of doing more harm to all of us than Dennis ‘the Menace’ Bonnen.

Call Dennis ‘the Menace’ Bonnen NOW and tell him that you want to preserve your property rights.

You can call:

Capitol Office: (512) 463-0564    District Office: (979) 848-1770

Here is the web site:

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  1. May 29, 2011 5:05 pm

    Wow! That’s a lotta loot. No wonder he’s always so happy-go-lucky when he fills in for Speaker Straus. And with all that cash, no wonder he was so willing to do their disgusting, dirty business in the last days of this horrible legislative session.

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