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European Earthquakes: Rapture or Fracking?

June 1, 2011

Dr Richard Dixon, said: “Whether the shale gas drilling and the earthquake are linked certainly needs investigated. However, we already know enough about the environmental problems associated with fracking to know that it should be banned in Scotland.”

“Shale gas would be a disaster for the climate and its production could contaminate groundwater. Scotland should follow France’s example and ban it before it even gets going. Scotland should become the home of clean energy not another dirty fossil-fuel. Shale gas projects in Scotland would quickly tarnish our global claim to green credentials.”

No, it’s not the second coming of Christ, it’s the gas industry wrecking havoc in the UK and Europe. They just cannot seem to figure out how these things happen and how these earthquakes must be the result of other activity unrelated to shale gas drilling. Move on, nothing here, everything is fine as been the mantra for years now. And most American’s don’t ask enough questions, or have enough clout to make the industry respond. The only thing we have is the truth. And we have seen time and time again, how in the end, truth always wins.

You can read more about the new European earthquakes that have begun now that the gas industry has started to explore for gas. But as the gas industry has told us time and again, they don’t cause this disturbance, nor do they want to know.

The article is HERE

The bottom line for all to realize is that the gas industry lies, it’s their gas to get and we need to move on, look away and don’t say a word.

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