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We endorse David Kunkle for Mayor of Dallas!

June 1, 2011

“As I try to better understand the impact of the gas drilling issue, I believe that I’m becoming convinced that it can’t be done in an urban area.”  “It seems to me that the fracking process, the impact on the air quality and on our water sources make gas drilling too dangerous to be done in an urban area,” Kunkle said.  Dallas Observer

This man has been literally on the street’s of Dallas as it’s top cop. He’s worked with everyone from the ‘hood to the halls of  1500 Marilla Street. He knows the players, and he knows their plays. His campaign is low on cash, and yet he still knows how to talk to anybody about their concerns for a better life, how to achieve it. He doesn’t have fancy, million dollar mailers once a week. His yard signs are as plain as you can get. And yet, he makes an impact.

Then he ends up being in this runoff with a candidate rich in campaign cash who’s connections run from tea parties in the north to poker games in the south. People are smart, they sense when they see a guy who can do the job of mayor unencumbered by those he owes. He doesn’t owe anything to the Dallas Citizens Council, and he’s not using former mayor Tom Leppert’s people to run his campaign. He knows that in order to bring more people into our city so the famous ‘donut hole’ gets filled, we must have a city that is cleaner, healthier, and therefore a better place for everyone to live their life, and to do a lot of business. It’s that easy.

Just one of many reasons why we endorse David Kunkle for Mayor of Dallas, and we encourage others to do as well.

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