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Preston Hollow Real Estate Millionaire Wants To Be on the Dallas Task Force

June 17, 2011

Jon C. Napper, a resident of Preston Hollow(red flag) owns Courtland  Development. Courtland owns 200 acres in the Mountain Creek Industrial Park at I20 and Mountain Creek Parkway within the City of Dallas. By now, you know that the first application to drill for gas in Dallas sits in the upper left corner of this photo located on the shores of Mt. Creek Lake and 850 feet from Dallas residents.

Courtland Development also owns prime real estate in the Barnett Shale area of Texas(red flag) up north at I35 and Hwy 114. Gas drilling has been going on there for years and more is planned. Courtland already owns the mineral rights to the land. Mr. Napper said so at Dallas City Hall last week as quoted by The Dallas Observer: CLICK HERE    This photo above shows the planned development by Courtland.

The planned Courtland Business Park is across the highway from The Texas Motor Speedway which is also another project that Mr. Napper has an interest in. How much? We can’t find out. When we go to look, the files have been deleted. Wonder why?

If you go back to Google Maps and compare them to the Railroad Commission maps, then you can see where the current drill sites are bringing Mr. Napper his additional income.

Here’s the Railroad Commission map view of the Courtland property across from the Texas Motor Speedway. You can see how much drilling is going on all around the area. The place is a gold mine for investors and a contaminator for all. This is just one of the many reasons we have the dirtiest air in the United States. Dirty money.

What you see above is from the Northlake website showing the Courtland Developement plans. Big money, on land and underneath it too. To see more: CLICK HERE

So it’s time to ask everyone who cares about the future of Dallas. Do we want members of the task force to have HUGE financial interests in the Barnett Shale? If you had these financial interests, wouldn’t you want to ‘write the rules’ of the game to your benefit? Dallas does not not a member of the gas drilling task force to be rewriting the rules that would eventually benefit their own and their business partners financial concerns.

Jon C. Napper does not belong on the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force.


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