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Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price wants this land next to future drilling?

July 10, 2011

What you see above is a power point slide from the City of  Dallas that was shown to the city council back in April of this year. This was a presentation coordinated by Theresa O’Donnell, director of Sustainable Developement. This presentation more or less told the city council everything that her office knew with regards to the current state of shale gas drilling in Dallas. To see the entire presentation, CLICK HERE


Looking at the map above, you will see that Chesapeake wants to drill on a couple of private properties just to the west of Spur 408. We just cannot figure out who owns them. It’s very difficult to get a specific name as to who really owns this piece of 200+acres. We’ve seen some shady names, but we’re not ready yet to reveal.


There are two recent articles written about County Commissioner John Wiley Price and his land holdings aspirations. The Dallas Observer’s Jim Schutze has an excellent article you can read by CLICKING HERE

In today’s Dallas News, Steve McGonigle has written a great article covering the same topic. Why does he want this land? How did he get it? You can read Steve’s article(it’s within subscriber content, so you may need to register) by CLICKING HERE

So if you look at the Texas Railroad Commission map below and see where Mr. Price has his eyes on some land and how it sits literally just yards away from a proposed drill site, one wonders what he is thinking…. And one wonders if he owns the mineral rights to the land that he purchased?  There are a lot of questions many of us have and are hoping both papers will continue to explore.

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  1. FrackingCrazy permalink
    July 19, 2011 2:44 pm

    What lake is that?!?

    Is that a lake that drinking water comes from?

    Look at Lake Arlington on the RRC-Gis Viewer.

    Take water samples from the lake for baseline numbers.

    They will frack under the lake and the 2-BE will migrate into the lake, 2-BE likes water and will do anything to get to other water sources.

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