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Thursday night! July 14th

July 11, 2011

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  1. July 15, 2011 8:50 pm

    Being the speaker just after Mr. Ed, I asked him if the 21 tpd included the (often excluded) start up, maintenance and shut down emissions that the PBR forgives. He did not answer me as I turned & waited for his answer as TCEQ let him off the hook and said we could discuss that later. But I wished I would have been anal and stood there using my time and pushing him to answer. Now I pose this very same question to ERG if they are including these emission estimates. I wonder how many of the 388 sites were in the start up phase? We need to know what those emissions are and apply that to the over 1200 producing wells for a historical perspective. Then we need maintenance records of all the compressor station’s emissions during filter changes and blow downs and estimate “those” emissions. THEN we can say what we have been emitting and can make future projections because Chesapeake has recently notified mineral holders that they will keep about 20 rigs in North Texas and has a goal of drilling almost 400 more wells this year!

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