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FW Air Quality Study by ERG: dubious at best

July 21, 2011

There was so much hoopla and buzz around the Fort Worth Air Study done by ERG that gas industry leaders like Ed Ireland were as giddy as a bride on her wedding day. The industry could not wait to tell the world that their contribution to the air quality in the Barnett Shale was negligible. They feel that the air quality has only become worse due to more truck and car traffic with the influx of people from outside our area. Assuming that they managed to read all 320 pages of information and 1000 data stats within one or two hours before they commented to the press, giddy should be far from the mood that they should have.

To begin, let’s start on page 246 and read under the second bullet point. There you will see the following:

“This program did not consider the complete range of air pollutants that might be emitted from natural gas sites. . Therefore, this study’s findings apply only to the pollutants considered in the ambient air monitoring program and point source testing program, and should not be assumed to apply to a broader range of pollutants.”

So in short, this is a narrow study and not a broad overview of the Barnett Shale. It’s a snap shot. It’s limited. Don’t paint the entire Barnett Shale and North Texas air quality with this paintbrush. You must also realize several things about ERG that need to be noted. So here are some bullet points worth noting.

Eastern Research Group has a web site and here it is: CLICK HERE

Then you will see that ERG is a part of AEA Group: CLICK HERE

Now go to the board of directores: CLICK HERE 

Paul Golby is the Chairman of the Non-Executive Board of AEA.  He heads up Britain’s utility E.ON and has since 2002.  And Paul Golby said this: CLICK HERE

Excerpts from the article will tell you:

One of the countries which could be supplying Britain with
gas in future is the U.S. “The United States is going to be the next exporting country in the not too distant future with shale gas,” said Paul Golby, chief executive of E.ON UK (EONGn.DE: Quote).
Golby cited as an example last month’s U.S.-loaded LNG cargo which arrived in Britain, the first in 50 years.
The U.S. has seen an oversupply in domestic gas as gas extracted from rocks – also known as shale gas – has swamped the
(Reporting by Karolin Schaps; editing by James Jukwey)

So there is a brief history of ERG and who they are. Looking into the report, you will find the following.

1. 25% of the sites in the report showed no emissions. What about the other 75%?
2.12% of the sites in the report showed no emissions with the toxic vapor analyzer. What about the other 88%?
3. The report show no short term health issues. What about long term health issues?
4. The report shows that they recommend Vapor Recovery Units. The industry hates these, says they aren’t necessary. Oh really?
5. The report recommends using all electric engines on site. No diesel. Smart.
6. The report recommends ‘no bleed’ equipment. Smart.
7. There was no neighborhood monitoring. Why?
8. There is no cumulative effect for the Barnett Shale emissions listed in this report. Why?
9. The study did not measure compressor engine exhaust emissions. Wonder why?
This is only the beginning. You can read the entire document by CLICKING HERE  on Scribd.
Happy Reading.



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