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The Whore’s Secrets Revealed

July 22, 2011

When the whore was asked what she disliked most about her job, her reply was, ‘the stairs’.

As you can see in the previous post below, the rush to get the gas has NOTHING to do with US national security, nothing to do with alternative energy. It’s all about XTO/EXXON, Chesapeake, Range, Aruba needing to export the gas to outside of the US. Countries like Mexico want it. So does Britain and these companies are all too happy to wheel and deal with the countries.Read the proof by CLICKING HERE

You can also read how the companies in Oregon are switching from an importing liquid natural gas pipeline to EXPORTING. CLICK HERE

An $6.5 billion LNG exporting terminal is being built. CLICK HERE

So the next time you hear that a gas company wants to drill in your backyard, make sure they aren’t waving the American flag and telling you that it’s in the national interest to allow drilling for the future of America. Oh, they will tell you how hard they work to get the gas, and how they follow all the rules on safety and precautions.  They will tell you how they will return the pad site back to the original condition when they started.

Just like any whore, it’s all about the cash.

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