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Gas Rigs Explodes in North Dakota: 3 injured

July 25, 2011

An explosion at an oil well northeast of Beach on Sunday has put two workers in the hospital and local fire crews kept watch at the site into the night as the well site continued to burn.

The explosion occurred on a Cyclone drilling rig about 30 miles northeast of Beach, near the Billings County line. The site is apparently on private land adjacent to land owned by the U.S. Forest Service and about four miles west of the Little Missouri River.

Golden Valley County emergency manager Brenda Frieze said the explosion occurred sometime near 10 a.m., apparently caused by a gas bubble encountered in the drilling process.

She said a number of workers were at the site at the time.

Frieze said Sentinel Butte, Beach and Golva volunteer firemen responded to the fire.

Cecily Fong, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Emergency Services, said a specialty fire suppression team from Texas was enroute to the scene.

A similar team was brought up to North Dakota when an oil well caught fire near Arnegard early this spring.

Frieze said the local crews were waiting for the arrival of Cyclone representatives for more detailed information.



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  1. Genie permalink
    July 26, 2011 1:41 pm

    Clearly, this kind of catastrophe is something that should make us think long and hard before agreeing to it. Many did not think it through to the West…helped along by the O&G Industry offering varying amounts of bonus checks and promises of future royalties to entire communities. What other business offers money for being allowed to do business? That is generally considered unethical last I looked. It’s all a detachment from the realities encouraged by the O&G industry, of course.

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