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Are you getting this?

July 27, 2011

This is from the Chesapeake Financial Report from May 2011. This report shows the ENTIRE revenue generated for the cities in the Barnett Shale. We highlighted in yellow what you need to focus on. Grand Prairie which is closer to the Barnett Shale than Dallas received a total of $132,000 in 2010. Of course, they received a $14.5 bonus in 2008 but the amount of revenue for the city’s coffers totaled about the same amount of money that Ed Ireland has in his change jar at home.

Do you think $132,000 is worth the continuation of destruction of our air, water, health, roads(the cities have to pay for the rebuilding that the industry destroys)? This has nothing to do with America’s national security, or our energy needs. This is all about exporting to foreign countries. They get the gas, we get the destruction.

Really now, do you think this is right?

Then you can give your comments to the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force on Tuesday, August 2 at 7 pm at Dallas City Hall, Room L1 Conference Room on the first level.

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