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Texas water dries up, gas industry continues to use what’s left for exports

July 28, 2011

Dallas’ best news station has done great work in the past and continues to shed light on the continuing problem of water and the lack of it through out Texas. The aquifer has dropped in some places 20 to 80 feet. People can’t drill for water wells. Farmers cattle are going dry. Crops are drying up. But the gas industry continues it’s search for shale gas so that they can export the gas to other countries.

Our water is running out, our air is getting worse every day. And now, Texas governor Rick Perry thinks he has a chance of running for president. Some of our civic leaders are either on the payroll of the gas industry or have such little care for the issue that nothing gets done. They just cannot figure out what to do about having enough water for all of us and at the same time feel inclined to allow the gas industry to continue it’s onslaught. No one wants to talk about the exporting aspect of the gas industry. The US shale gas industry continues to export on the lives of every American citizen. Where is everyone’s head?

Take a look at the story by WFAA and click on the video: CLICK HERE

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